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Delphi2Cpp is a powerful software tool designed to facilitate the conversion of Delphi (Object Pascal) code into C++ code. It serves as a bridge between these two popular programming languages, enabling developers to efficiently migrate their projects or integrate components written in different languages...

Delphi2Cpp offers a seamless solution for developers who need to transition their projects from Delphi to C++ or incorporate Delphi components into C++ projects. With its advanced conversion capabilities, it ensures minimal manual intervention and preserves the integrity and functionality of the original codebase. Whether you're porting an entire application or just specific modules, Delphi2Cpp streamlines the process, saving time and effort while maintaining code quality.

Delphi2Cpp Key Features:

Accurate Conversion:

Delphi2Cpp employs sophisticated algorithms to accurately translate Delphi code into equivalent C++ code. It handles a wide range of Delphi language constructs, including data types, classes, procedures, functions, properties, and more.

Support for Delphi Versions:

It supports various versions of Delphi, ensuring compatibility with legacy codebases as well as projects developed with the latest versions of Delphi.

Preservation of Code Structure:

The tool preserves the logical structure of the original Delphi code during conversion, maintaining readability and ensuring that the C++ code remains well-organized and comprehensible.

Header and Implementation Files Generation:

Delphi2Cpp automatically generates header (.h) and implementation (.cpp) files for the converted C++ code, adhering to industry best practices and facilitating seamless integration into C++ projects.

Handling of Delphi-Specific Constructs:

It handles Delphi-specific language constructs such as properties, events, dynamic arrays, interfaces, generics, and more, ensuring that the converted code behaves equivalently in the C++ environment.

Conversion of Visual Components:

Delphi2Cpp supports the conversion of visual components (e.g., forms, controls) and their associated event handlers, enabling developers to migrate GUI-intensive Delphi applications to C++ with ease.

Configurable Conversion Options:

Developers can customize the conversion process through various configuration options, allowing fine-tuning based on project requirements and coding conventions.

Integration with IDEs:

Delphi2Cpp seamlessly integrates with popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as Visual Studio, enabling developers to work within familiar environments and leverage existing workflows.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support:

The tool is accompanied by comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and support resources to assist developers throughout the conversion process and address any challenges they may encounter.

Delphi2Cpp is an indispensable tool for developers seeking to migrate Delphi projects to C++ or integrate Delphi components into C++ applications. Its accurate conversion capabilities, comprehensive feature set, and user-friendly interface make it the go-to solution for streamlining the code transition process and maximizing productivity. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to cross-language integration, Delphi2Cpp empowers you to tackle complex conversion tasks with confidence and efficiency.

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