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CoffeeCup Web Form Builder

CoffeeCup Web Form Builder - Web forms are an essential part of the Internet. But if you want to build one from scratch, you need to know HTML, CSS, PHP, OMG, and databases galore. Web Form Builder lets you piece together the perfect web form in minutes. You’ll get to enjoy the same powerful results without needing to know any of the complicated stuff that makes them work...


Flawless rendering on any device that uses HTML, including iPhones and iPads.
Swap out your form theme on the fly — try on a couple for the perfect fit.
Comes with 65 pro-level responsive themes!
Responsive themes ensure that your form looks perfect on every device—big or small.
Add friendly hints and placeholders, making your forms easier and friendlier to fill out.
Forms are Section 508 accessibility compliant.
Set a default value for certain fields. They’ll be submitted if the visitor doesn’t change them.
Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them.
Utilize autofocus fields. (Give your visitors a starting point.)
W3C-valid HTML5, CSS3, even graceful degradation—more awesome than it sounds!
Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
Define the font family, size, and color for your form, then (optionally) customize them for each label.
Use multiple columns together with the sweet “Spacer” Magic element to fit lots of fields on one page (oh, the possibilities…)
Customize Section and Field colors.
Full control over the form header and footer: Add backgrounds, control heights, insert your logo, and yeah, more!
Add images and icons for an ultra-snazzy design.
Customize the stylesheet for maximum control. (You’ll be able to import your changes.)
Templates for event registration, contact forms, customer surveys, reservations, RSVPs, and more.
Control the positioning of the most important form element of all: THE SUBMIT BUTTON.
And more...

Size: 43.45 MB