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vReveal the best solution to manage and fix the videos from your cell phone, HD camcorder, digital camera, or any other video device. It sharpens, it brightens, it twists and twirls and tweaks and steadies your video to crystalline perfection...


Import and enhance HD video (up to 1080p).
Stabilize, Brighten, Sharpen, and more with One Click Fix.
Save to high-definition (HD).
Special effects: Black & White, Vivid Colors, Glow, and more.
Remove grainy video noise with Clean.
Import various popular video formats (MOV, MP4, AVI, MPG, MTS, WMV, 3GP, FLV, ASF, and more).
Manage and organize your videos in a gallery.
Save to video formats including Windows Media (WMV), MJPEG AVI, Uncompressed AVI and MP4.
Built-in YouTube and Facebook uploader.
Create amazing panoramas.
Edit your videos with easy to use start and end titles.
Import videos directly from your memory card.
Quickly find what's in your clips using vReveal's lightning fast scrubbing.
Trim accurately with film strip.
Organize your clips into convenient and easy to find events.

Size: 33.72 MB