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VidMasta provides users with a convenient and feature-rich platform for discovering, previewing, and accessing movies and TV shows available online. With a focus on user anonymity, advanced search algorithms, and customization options, VidMasta aims to streamline the process of finding and enjoying multimedia content...

VidMasta is a federated search desktop application designed for reading about, previewing, watching, and downloading a wide range of movie and television titles that are shared online.

VidMasta Features:

Watch or Download:

Users can effortlessly watch or download movies and TV shows in various formats (TV, DVD, 720p, 1080i/p) with just two clicks of the mouse.

Anonymity Features:

VidMasta ensures user anonymity through automatic filtering of untrusted IPs, the utilization of proxies, and encryption methods to safeguard user privacy during the browsing and downloading process.

"Deep Search, Best Source" Algorithm:

An advanced algorithm facilitates a deep search, aggregating potential download links based on various search query variations. The algorithm then selects the best link, considering factors such as trustworthiness, the number of downloaders/uploaders, and video file size.

Popular Movies and TV Shows:

Users can easily identify popular movies and TV shows by utilizing options that display recent content that has been downloaded the most.


VidMasta supports the downloading of video subtitles, enhancing the viewing experience for users who prefer or require subtitles.

Search Customization:

Users have the flexibility to customize their search experience by setting the number of results per search, defining the minimum and maximum size of downloadable video files, and specifying allowed video file extensions.

Search Criteria:

Search for movie and TV titles based on a variety of criteria such as name, release date, genre, rating, country, and language, providing a tailored and efficient search experience.

Automatic Ordering of Search Results:

Search results are automatically ordered by popularity, assisting users in quickly identifying the most sought-after content.

Summaries, Trailers, Release Dates, and Ratings:

Users can access additional information about titles, including small summaries, trailers, release dates, and ratings, enriching the decision-making process before watching or downloading.

Email Functionality:

VidMasta allows users to share download links and trailer links via email, facilitating easy content sharing with others.

Detection of Video Box Sets:

The application has the capability to detect video box sets, making it easier for users to find and access comprehensive collections of related content.

PeerBlock Integration:

VidMasta integrates with PeerBlock (available for Windows XP and higher), enhancing security during the downloading process by blocking potentially unwanted IPs.

Overall, VidMasta is a versatile tool for movie and TV show enthusiasts. Its intuitive interface, powerful search, and streaming options make it a convenient choice for accessing your favorite content. However, remember to use it responsibly and ethically.

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