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Simple Video Cutter

Simple Video Cutter Free is a Windows-based video editing tool designed for efficient browsing and cutting of video footage. The main objective of this tool is to streamline the process of reviewing video files, allowing users to preview and extract interesting segments into separate video files. The tool automates various aspects of video handling, making the process as efficient and user-friendly as possible...

Simple Video Cutter Features:

Efficient Video Browsing and Loading:

Allows seamless browsing through video files, with automatic loading of the next file in chronological order, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Automatic File Naming and Organization:

Automatically assigns filenames and organizes created video cuts based on specified patterns, contributing to an organized video library.

Background Extraction using FFmpeg:

Utilizes FFmpeg for efficient video extraction, enabling users to work on subsequent tasks while the extraction process occurs in the background.

Precise Video Editing Controls:

Provides an intuitive interface with precise controls to mark the start and end points for video cuts, enhancing the accuracy of editing.

Interactive Timeline Control:

Features a timeline control allowing users to navigate through the video, zoom in and out, and efficiently mark cut points for precise editing.

Multi-Cut Support:

Allows users to mark and extract multiple segments within a single video, facilitating the extraction of multiple interesting parts.

Key Frame Awareness:

Prompts users to be mindful of key frames during video editing for smoother transitions and improved output quality.

Task Queue Management:

Incorporates a task queue system, enabling users to monitor and manage tasks easily, ensuring a streamlined video extraction workflow.

It supports a wide range of video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and FLV. It is also very lightweight and fast, so it can cut even large video files in seconds. Simple Video Cutter is a great option for anyone who needs to cut videos quickly and easily. It is especially useful for users who do not have any experience with video editing.

Advantages of using Simple Video Cutter:

Automated Workflow Enhancements:

Automates loading, file naming, and extraction processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing the overall workflow efficiency.

Effortless Multi-File Management:

Simplifies the management of multiple video files by automatically loading the next file, optimizing the workflow for users dealing with extensive video footage.

User-Friendly Video Selection:

Offers an easy-to-use interface for selecting precise start and end points, making the video selection process straightforward and efficient.

Uninterrupted Background Processing:

Background extraction allows users to continue working on additional tasks while the extraction process runs, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Enhanced Video Library Organization:

Automatically organizing created video cuts based on patterns improves the overall organization of the video library, aiding in easy retrieval and management.

Optimized Video Editing Experience:

The tool's user-friendly interface, combined with precise controls and interactive timeline, optimizes the video editing experience, resulting in high-quality output.

Time Efficiency and Productivity:

By automating repetitive tasks and simplifying the video editing process, the tool saves time and enhances productivity for users dealing with substantial video content.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Offers flexibility in configuring settings and installation options, making it adaptable to diverse user preferences and requirements.

Users can benefit from the streamlined workflow and efficient video processing provided by "Simple Video Cutter," making it an ideal tool for extracting the most interesting parts from a collection of videos. Additionally, the availability of multiple language localizations further enhances its usability and accessibility for a broader user base.

Simple Video Cutter - Changelog.

Install version:

Size: 185.90 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 183.37 MB - Download

To use Simple Video Cutter effectively, follow these steps:

1. Installation:

Download the Simple Video Cutter zip release package.

Unzip the package into a directory of your choice.

Run the SimpleVideoCutter.exe file in that directory.

2. Setting up FFmpeg:

Simple Video Cutter requires FFmpeg for its functionality.

You can either let Simple Video Cutter download FFmpeg automatically or download it yourself from the FFmpeg release page and set its path in the Settings dialog.

Click 'OK' to save the settings.

3. Opening a Video File:

Open a video file within the tool to begin the editing process.

4. Video Playback and Navigation:

The video playback starts automatically. Press the spacebar to pause/resume playback or click within the video area.

Navigate through the video using the timeline control at the bottom of the screen. Use the mouse wheel (with the control key pressed) to zoom in and out of the timeline. Scroll without the control key to move forward and backward on the timeline.

Press the shift key for faster scrolling/zooming.

5. Marking Start and End Points for Cuts:

Select a position in the video where you want to start the cut.

Press the `[` key (or click the corresponding button) to mark the start of your cut.

Move to the point where you want to end the cut.

Press the `]` key to mark the end of your cut.

Alternatively, you can use the mouse's middle button to mark the start and end of your cut.

6. Creating Multiple Cuts:

You can mark and extract multiple cuts within a single video.

7. Enqueue and Extract:

After marking the desired segments for cutting, press `E` (or click the 'Enqueue' button) to add the task to the queue.

The selected portion of the video will be extracted using FFmpeg and saved in a new file(s).

8. Managing Tasks:

Inspect pending and running tasks in the tasks list area.

Tasks are processed automatically and disappear once completed.

Feel free to open the next file and add tasks while a task is still in progress; they queue up and do not interfere with each other.

9. Navigating Between Files:

Use the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to quickly open the previous or next file in the same directory.

10. Settings:

In the settings window, adjust options like directory and filename patterns for output files using supported variables.

By following these steps, you can efficiently browse, cut, and extract segments from your video files using Simple Video Cutter.