Sazanami screenshot

Sazanami is a versatile sound editor designed exclusively for Windows users, offering an array of features to enhance your audio editing experience. Developed with a user-friendly interface, this software provides a comprehensive platform for editing uncompressed WAV or AIFF files, making it an ideal choice for musicians, podcasters, and audio enthusiasts...

Sazanami Key Features:

Instant File Access:

Experience lightning-fast performance as Sazanami opens uncompressed WAV files instantly, ensuring a smooth and efficient editing process.

Cut/Copy/Paste Editing:

Utilize familiar editing functions such as cut, copy, and paste to craft your audio files with precision and ease.

Sampling Rate Conversion:

Seamlessly convert sampling rates to meet your project requirements, ensuring compatibility across various platforms.

Silent Region Search:

Enhance your editing efficiency by quickly identifying and navigating through silent regions within your audio files.

Recording Capabilities:

Capture audio directly from sound devices, including microphones and line-ins, expanding your creative possibilities.

Noise Reduction:

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise with built-in hiss reduction and click noise removal tools, ensuring clean and professional audio output.

Realistic FIR Reverb Effect:

Add depth and dimension to your sound with the realistic FIR reverb effect, creating an immersive auditory experience.

Convolution Using WAV Files:

Explore innovative audio effects by employing WAV files as convolution filters, allowing for unique and customizable soundscapes.

Wide Format Support:

Import and export in various formats, including WMA, MP3, Vorbis, FLAC, and AAC (Windows 7 or later), providing flexibility for your projects.

CD Audio Track Import:

Easily integrate audio tracks from CDs into your projects, streamlining your workflow.

Spectrum/Spectrogram Display:

Visualize your audio with precision using the spectrum and spectrogram display features, gaining insights into the frequency content of your files.

Pitch-Preserving Playback:

Maintain pitch integrity during slow or fast playback, ensuring the desired tonal quality in your edited audio.


Despite its robust feature set, it's important to note that Sazanami has certain limitations:

Inability to directly edit compressed files like MP3s without decompressing them.

No support for recording Internet radio.

Sazanami stands out as a powerful and free sound editor for Windows, offering a comprehensive suite of features for both beginners and experienced audio professionals. Elevate your audio editing experience with this intuitive and efficient tool, and if you find it valuable, consider supporting its dedicated developer through donations. Unleash your creativity and take your audio projects to new heights with Sazanami.

Sazanami - Changelog:

Improved sound quality of music time expansion and contraction devices.

Specifications have been changed so that double-precision convolution operations can be performed during playback.

The trapezoidal noise shaping filter compares favorably with other types of filters in the low frequency band.

Adjust the characteristics to achieve the same level of attenuation.

Size: 3.74 MB