PianoFX STUDIO screenshot

PianoFX STUDIO is a virtual piano software designed for both learning and playing music on your personal computer. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, the software offers a versatile platform with a realistic 88-key piano keyboard and a user-friendly interface. With customizable instrument sounds, an extensive sound library, and various other features, PianoFX STUDIO aims to provide an engaging and educational musical experience...

The Piano Keyboard Interface has been designed to exactly resemble a fully featured Professional Keyboard Synthesizer. It produces a ultra-high quality sound output with 127 different realistic Musical and Percussion Instruments, 4-note Polyphonic sounds, a 10 Drum-synthesizer machine, multiple sample Melodies and has Recording option to save your musical compositions in file format. The software runs on all Windows Operating Systems has been designed for ease of use and flexibility.

PianoFX STUDIO Key Features:

Virtual Piano Interface:

Realistic 88-key piano keyboard.
Customizable instrument sounds including grand piano, electric piano, and harpsichord.

Extensive Sound Library:

Over 127 musical and percussion instruments.
Instruments include drums, guitars, strings, and woodwinds for diverse musical arrangements.

Polyphonic Sounds:

4-note polyphony for creating richer and more complex harmonies.

Drum Machine:

10-pad drum machine for easily adding drum beats and rhythms.

Chord Library:

Built-in chord library with various chord voicings and inversions, aiding beginners in learning chords.

Sample Scores and Melodies:

Collection of pre-recorded musical scores and melodies for play-along or inspiration.

Recording and Playback:

Record performances in WAV format for playback or sharing.

MIDI Support:

MIDI input and output support for connecting external MIDI devices.

Variable Pitch and Volume:

Adjust pitch and volume of individual instruments for greater control.

Easy-to-Use Interface:

Clean and intuitive interface designed for ease of navigation, suitable for users of all levels.

Additional Features:

Supports multiple sound cards.

Saves songs in WAV format.

Compatible with Windows 98 and later versions.

Available in English and French.


Trialware application with a limited usage period.

Last updated in 2011; may not be fully compatible with modern operating systems.

Overall, PianoFX STUDIO is a versatile virtual piano software that caters to a wide range of users, offering an extensive sound library, recording capabilities, and MIDI support. Users should be mindful of its trialware nature and potential compatibility issues with newer operating systems when considering its usage.

Size: 2.09 MB