MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System) screenshot
MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)

Abyssmedia Multi-Channel Sound Recording System designed for recording audio information from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically. The sound recording software can record up to 16 channels and compress records for archiving. It can be used for Conference recordings, Telephone line monitoring, Radio station logging and Other specialized applications...

Multichannel recording:
A robust and stable logger engine allows you to record up to 32 channels simultaneously on a single computer. You can use various types of audio interfaces, from built-in codecs to multi-channel external USB interfaces, to achieve the required number of channels.

ASIO and WDM support:
The audio logger is available in two versions, WDM and ASIO. The first option is good for a few cheap sound cards that only support stereo recording. Multi-channel audio interfaces usually do not allow to use all the features with WDM drivers, so especially for them, the ASIO version was created.

Flexible channel settings:
You can set a different operating mode for each of the recording channels - manual or automatic, with voice activation. Voice activation mode eliminates 'dead air', which in turn saves disk space usage significantly. You can select a separate folder to store the audio recordings of each channel. Regardless, the location of all timestamped recordings is always stored in the database.

Audio recordings management:
For easy management of recordings, they are automatically divided into individual segments. You can change the duration of the segments in the program settings and also synchronize them with the time of day, making it more convenient to work with. When splitting a recording into parts, a situation can occur where the recording breaks off in the mid-word. To avoid such problems, you can set an overlap time between two consecutive recordings.

MCRS (Système d'enregistrement sonore multicanal) - Journal des modifications:

Ajout de la possibilité de générer des sous-répertoires pour les enregistrements audio.
Ajout de la prise en charge du glisser-déposer dans le navigateur d'enregistrement.
Correction d'un bug qui apparaissait lors de la modification du nombre de périphériques audio.
Petites optimisations et améliorations de l'interface utilisateur.
Encodeur MP3 mis à jour.
Installateur mis à jour.

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