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ManyCam is an easy-to-use virtual camera and live streaming software that helps you deliver professional live videos on streaming platforms, video conferencing apps, and remote learning tools...

Virtual Backgrounds: With virtual backgrounds, you can always be prepared for your live videos, from web conferences to virtual classrooms and live streams. This feature allows you to blur, remove, and replace your background with images or video sources without the need for a green screen.

Multiple Video Sources: Create professional live videos with up to 200 video sources. Add webcams, pre-recorded videos, images, your computer screen, apps, web sources, and much more to your live streams and recordings.

Media Source Switcher: Easily switch between video sources for better communication. Mixing up different video sources, secondary footage, and multi-camera angles is a must when it comes to professional live streams or video calls.

Layers: Use layers with rounded corners and change the opacity of any layer to enhance your video conferences and live streams.

Picture-in-picture: add various windows on top of your main screen to drive your audience's focus. Add any video source, resize and reposition the screens or split-screen. Get ready to stream like a pro with as many picture-in-picture windows as you need.

Titles: add titles to give your live video a professional look and share your name, title, and other specifications. ManyCam offers different graphics overlays, and users can write any text they want to display, live.

Virtual webcam: Select ManyCam as your virtual webcam and get access to ManyCam's fantastic live video tools during your online classes, video calls, chats, conferences, and online meetings in applications like Skype, WebEx and Facebook Chats!

YouTube Integration: Create live videos with YouTube videos as sources or use them on your video calls.

Mobile App: Use your mobile phone as a video source with ManyCam's Mobile source app.

Export & Import Presets or Projects: Save entire projects or export, and import presets to amp up your productivity with live videos.

Web Source: add web pages as video sources during live videos or recordings, without going through the browser.

ManyCam - Changelog:

Blurring a region of a video feed is now hardware accelerated.
The OpenGL Hardware Acceleration option was disabled as obsolete and unstable.
Security enhancements.
Fixed an issue where ManyCam Lite could fail to launch under Windows 7.
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when adding a video source under Windows 7.
Fixed a potential crash that could occur when closing the app.
Fixed an issue where web-camera and mobile source could freeze after waking up the machine from sleep/hibernation.
Fixed an issue where Virtual Background worked incorrectly if its video layer was too small.

Added support for H.265/HEVC IP-camera streams (experimental).
Fixed the "Blur contour" slider missing from the Chroma key settings.

Size: 117.40 MB