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MAGIX Ringtone Maker offers the full world of ringtones in one program. With MAGIX Ringtone Maker you can now create your very own ringtones: polyphonic ringtones + real music + fun sounds + logos + videos + wallpaper... Everything your mobile phone will ever need... 

MIDI files, videos, sounds & songs can be loaded with a just a few clicks and converted into ringtones in a flash.
This process is easy and takes just three steps:
Import: First load the media files you want to use, for example, Audio CD tracks or MP3s for Real Music, MIDI songs for polyphonic ringtones or video files for video ringtones.
Selection & editing: Just highlight the part of the song that you would like to turn into a ringtone. If you like, you can add effects, your own voice recordings or media files.
Transfer to mobile phone: In the final step the material is converted into the suitable ringtone format and transferred to your mobile phone.


Four stereo tracks:
Load any audio material, MP3s, Audio CD tracks, your own recordings, music loops, noises, onto a total of four stereo tracks. All tracks will be mixed together.

MAGIX Ring Maker:
MAGIX Ring Maker creates short music loops from those supplied, for fully-automatic and always new real music ringtones at the touch of a button. So you never run out of music.

You can use almost all media formats found on your hard disk or online: Audio CDs, MP3s, OGG Vorbis, WAV, AIF, WMA, MID, JPG, JPEG, GIF (animated), BMP, AVI, MOV and WMV files.

Simulate ringtone:
With this option you can test how your new ringtone will sound on your mobile phone.
Note: This function is not available with polyphonic ringtones.

MAGIX Remix Agent:
The MAGIX Remix Agent analyzes the tempo of rhythmic songs and adapts the length of the ringtone to the rhythm.

Recording function:
You can also make your own recordings and integrate them into your ringtone.

Large selection of effects:
All material can be edited further with lots of standard effects and can be made into completely different sounds. There are lots of effects available for real music ringtones: echo, reverb, equalizers, compressors, filters, distortion and many more.

Simple export:
Audio ringtones can be converted into the following formats: MP3, WAV, ADPCM wave and SMAF (with external encoder). You can export MIDI files as ringtones for polyphonic mobile phones. Furthermore, videos can be exported in various typical video formats. Stationary pictures can be created automatically in the appropriate format for your mobile phone and then transferred.

Ringtones can be transferred to your mobile phone via infrared or Bluetooth. The supplied instructions come in handy when you want to transfer via infrared or Bluetooth.

Size: 34.86 MB


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