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Blu-ray to DVD

Blu-ray to DVD is a high-performance application to split and burn Blu-ray movies to multiple DVDs. It can burn Blu-ray disc movies or harddisk Blu-ray files to AVCHD DVDs. Users are allowed to make customized settings and selectable burning. The adjustment of subtitles and audio tracks are both supported...

Blu-ray to DVD gives you the freedom to enjoy Blu-ray movies on your DVD player, with almost the same quality!Now you can easily copy your Blu-ray movie to DVD or AVCHD with only one click.

Its innovative HST™ Technology will make the Blu-ray to AVCHD conversion extremely fast, 500% faster than before. The built-in SmartExpress HD video codec module and SmartBurn burning engine will ensure an effective and fast burn. If the Blu-ray movie is encrypted, a third party decryption application, like Copyhddvd Helper, is needed.


Compresses a Blu-ray movie to one DVD-5 or DVD-9 disc, or splits a Blu-ray movie to two DVD-5s, with only one simple click.
Copies a Blu-ray movie to a DVD movie and saves it on the harddisk drive.
The SmartExpress HD video codec module ensures an effective and fast burn.
The SmartBurn burning engine is the most stable and fast one tested by DVD-Cloner.
Compresses a harddisk Blu-ray movie to a DVD-R/RW or two DVD-5s.
Customized copy: you can save the audio track you prefer.
Under the "Blu-ray to two DVD-5s" copy mode, you can burn the Blu-ray movie to more blank discs to get a better video quality.
Copies encrypted Blu-ray movies with the help of a third-party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper.
Supports for all DVD players and DVD software players.

Size: 8.67 MB