AD Stream Recorder screenshot
AD Stream Recorder

AD Stream Recorder is a sound record program for Windows. It can digitize, visualize and record any signal connected to your sound card as well as live streaming audio including the Internet radio played by the most popular media players into MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV or FLAC format...

Real-time sound visualization while monitoring and recording enables you to adjust the audio source level and make high quality recordings.
AD Stream Recorder features include sound clipping detection, record control with hotkeys, a built-in player.

Key Features:

Real-time sound visualization:
This feature provides you the full control over input audio stream. You can select an audio source, set its volume and channel balance and observe the results of your actions on the screen immediately. The program lets you evaluate the average sound intensity for each channel.
Sound clipping detection:
The program detects and displays sound clipping events if input sound signals are very high and so the current recording can not be performed with good quality.
Record control with hotkeys:
Hotkeys make start or stop recording quickly either the program is as a normal window or as a minimized one on the taskbar.
Convert WAV to MP3:
You can record WAV file with CD-quality and then convert it to MP3 with a bitrate as you wish.
Playing files:
The program includes a built-in player so you can play any file just after recording.
Detailed file information:
File list displays name, duration, size and creation date/time for each recorded file.
Easy-to-use User-friendly Interface:
To record a sound just click successively the buttons on the control bar of the program.

Size: 1.80 MB