Active WebCam screenshot
Active WebCam

Active WebCam software captures images up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB, web cameras, TV-boards, camcorders, and from network IP cameras. This camera software performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras...

Broadcast live audio and video:
You can broadcast live audio and video using the following methods:
Stream Video and Audio through Web Server - you can watch video from surveillance computer even if this computer completely protected by firewall. Also this service provides high frame-rate broadcasting to the unlimited auditory because broadcasting is performed from the web server which has high speed broadband connection.
HTTP Server - web camera software runs own HTTP server that all users, connected to your computer, can watch your cameras and play back recorded video files.
FTP Upload - the program uploads images to your web site using FTP protocol. Your viewers point Internet browsers to your web site and watch captured video.
The captured video can be viewed using any Internet browser.

Monitor Your Home or Office While You're Away:
Your camera can be used as a Surveillance System to watch your home, office, children, pets or anything else.
The program has a Motion Detection feature, which can perform various tasks when it triggered.
When the program detects motion in the monitored area, it can sound an alarm, send SMS, e-mail captured images, start broadcasting or record activity.
Video can be recorded in AVI or MPEG formats.
The recorded video can be played back through Internet.

Adjust Captured Images:
The program has features to add text captions, image overlays, and date/time stamps on each video frame.
You can shrink, grow, and rotate captured images.
Image can be cropped that the only selected part of a captured image will be broadcasted.

Size: 11.38 MB