Kaspersky Update Utility

Kaspersky Update Utility is used for downloading updates for selected Kaspersky Lab software from a chosen update source. The utility can save updates into a local or network folder that can be used for updating hosts disconnected from Internet... 

Kaspersky Update Utility accesses an update source as configured in the configuration file or GUI. After extracting the archive click on the file UpdateUtility-Gui.exe to start the updater.

How to use Kaspersky Update Utility for Windows:

Download the Kaspersky Update Utility Maintenance Release for Windows archive and extract the files from it.
Run UpdateUtility-Gui.exe.
Carefully read through the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy. If you agree with the terms and conditions, select the corresponding checkboxes and click Accept.
In the main window of Kaspersky Update Utility for Windows, click Applications.
Find the group of applications and select the versions of the Kaspersky applications that you would like to update. Click OK.
Click Settings.
Go to Download and specify the folder to save the updates.
Specify the language versions for updates to download.
Click Start and wait for the download to complete.
Updates for selected applications will be downloaded to the folder you have specified. Update the applications using the downloaded files.
In your Kaspersky application, change the update source to the folder with the updates you have downloaded with Kaspersky Update Utility.


Size: 17.21 MB