Avira Antivir Offline update screenshot
Avira Antivir Offline update

Last update: 08 June 2024

Everyone has a tendency to underestimate or forget the regular updating of its antivirus. This is a very simple and easy action and it has serious consequences if you forget to do it...

A fusebundle is an archive containing the latest engine and VDF files together with the corresponding update control files.
Its purpose is to allow a network administrator to update the Avira security products without having an Internet connection.

How to update Avira antivirus manually:

Initiate the Avira antivirus update:
Open the Avira product, click Update from the top menu and select Manual Update.

Load the Avira Update archive (The fuse bundle):
In the popup window, navigate to the folder contained the vdf and open the vdf_fusebundle.zip archive.

Update Avira:
All existing detection files will be replaced, even if they are newer than those in the archive. A progress bar will indicate the status of your Avira antivirus update.

Download Avira VDF Offline update:

Size: 246.54 MB 


How to update avira antivir manually?

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