DigiFish Clownfish Screenshot
DigiFish Clownfish

DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver is a digital screensaver designed to provide a captivating underwater experience on your computer monitor. DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver immerses your computer screen into a stunning underwater world, featuring vibrant coral reefs and adorable clownfish. It transforms your monitor into a virtual aquarium, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of marine life without the need for a physical fish tank...

The screensaver aims to relax and entertain users with its realistic graphics and soothing aquatic sounds.

Here's a list of its features:

Realistic Underwater World: DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver offers high-quality 3D graphics and animations that replicate the beauty of a coral reef ecosystem.

Clownfish Interaction: Watch playful clownfish swim around, hide in anemones, and interact with their surroundings, creating a lifelike aquatic experience.

Customization: You can customize various settings, such as screen resolution, graphics quality, and sound options to suit your preferences.

Multiple Camera Angles: The screensaver provides different camera angles and perspectives, allowing you to explore the virtual underwater world from various viewpoints.

Ambient Sounds: The screensaver includes ambient underwater sounds like gentle waves and bubbling water, enhancing the immersive experience.

Day and Night Modes: It simulates day and night cycles, with corresponding changes in lighting and fish behavior, adding to the realism.

Here's the pros of using DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver:

Soothing and Relaxing: DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver provides a tranquil and calming atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for stress relief or meditation.

Low Maintenance: Unlike a real aquarium, this screensaver requires no maintenance, such as feeding or cleaning, making it hassle-free.

No Space Constraints: It doesn't take up physical space in your home or office, making it suitable for users with limited space.

No Real Fish Needed: If you're a fan of marine life but don't want the responsibility of caring for real fish, this screensaver offers a visually appealing alternative.

Customization: The ability to adjust settings allows you to tailor the experience to your liking, whether you prefer a more vivid display or a quieter environment.

Educational: It can serve as an educational tool for learning about clownfish and coral reefs, making it suitable for both entertainment and learning purposes.

In summary, DigiFish Clownfish Screensaver is a visually captivating and relaxing screensaver that brings the beauty of an underwater world to your computer screen. Its realistic graphics, interactive clownfish, and customization options make it an enjoyable and low-maintenance way to experience the wonders of the ocean from the comfort of your desktop.

Note: Digifish Clownfish discontinued.

Size: 5.12 MB


The Digifish Clownfish Deluxe Version offers an even more comprehensive and immersive underwater experience with a range of exciting features:

15 Species of Clownfish: Enjoy a diverse selection of up to 15 different clownfish species, each with its unique colors and characteristics.

10 Species of Tropical Fish: In addition to clownfish, the Deluxe Version adds 10 species of tropical fish, enhancing the variety of marine life in your virtual aquarium.

5 Species of 3D Sea Anemone: Experience the beauty of five distinct 3D sea anemone species, each with its unique appearance, adding to the realism of the coral reef environment.

Lifelike School Behaviors: Witness lifelike school behaviors of fish as they swim together in coordinated patterns, mimicking the natural behavior of fish in the wild.

Unique Fish Artificial Intelligence: The enhanced artificial intelligence of the fish brings more realistic movements, interactions, and behaviors to your virtual aquarium.

Interactive Features: Interact with the fish by tickling them or watching them twist and turn in response to your actions.

Feeding Interactions: Feed the fish and observe them eat, adding to the realism and interactivity of the screensaver.

Real-Time Sea Anemone Simulation: Experience real-time processing that accurately depicts the interaction between clownfish and the sea anemones' tentacles, providing a more immersive environment.

Bonus Clownfishes and Anemones: The Deluxe Version includes extra bonus clownfishes and anemones, expanding the variety of marine life in your virtual aquarium and enhancing your overall experience.

With these added features, the Digifish Clownfish Deluxe Version provides an even more captivating and interactive virtual underwater world, making it a delightful and educational screensaver for marine life enthusiasts and relaxation seekers.