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GerbView is a comprehensive Gerber viewer software designed to assist electronics professionals, PCB designers, and hobbyists in visualizing and analyzing Gerber files, which are standard files used in the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process. GerbView offers a range of features to facilitate the inspection and verification of PCB designs before they are sent for production...

GerbView is a powerful Gerber file viewer that enables users to open, view, print, and inspect Gerber, Excellon, and HPGL files. It plays a crucial role in the PCB manufacturing workflow by providing a visual representation of the design and allowing users to verify the accuracy of the layout before production.

GerbView Key Features:

File Format Support:

GerbView supports standard industry file formats, including Gerber X1 and X2, Excellon drill files, and HPGL plot files. This ensures compatibility with various PCB design tools.

Layer Visualization:

Users can easily view individual PCB layers, such as copper layers, solder mask, silkscreen, and more. GerbView provides a clear representation of each layer, aiding in the identification of potential issues.

Zoom and Pan:

The software offers intuitive zoom and pan functionalities, allowing users to inspect specific areas of the design in detail. This is essential for identifying fine details and ensuring precision.

Measurement Tools:

GerbView provides measurement tools for accurate dimensioning of distances and areas on the PCB layout. This feature aids in verifying component placements and ensuring adherence to design specifications.

Layer Stackup Display:

Users can visualize the layer stackup of the PCB, including the arrangement of different layers and their materials. This is crucial for understanding the overall structure of the board.

Component and Net Highlighting:

GerbView allows users to highlight specific components and nets, making it easier to trace connections and identify potential errors in the layout.

Gerber Editing:

While primarily a viewer, GerbView also provides basic editing capabilities, allowing users to make minor adjustments or corrections to the Gerber files if needed.

Print and Export:

Users can print the PCB layout or export it to various image formats (e.g., PNG, JPEG) for documentation or sharing purposes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

GerbView is designed to run on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for users with different preferences.

User-Friendly Interface:

The software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both experienced PCB professionals and beginners.

In conclusion, GerbView is a valuable tool in the PCB design and manufacturing process, offering a range of features to facilitate accurate visualization, verification, and inspection of Gerber files. Its compatibility with various file formats and cross-platform support make it a versatile choice for electronics professionals and enthusiasts alike.

GerbView - Changelog:

Solved Issues:

Custom pads were missing from an ODB++ file (ZIP) from customer.

Excellon drill file from customer failed to open.

For windows 32-bit:

Size: 23.51 MB - Download

For windows 64-bit:

Size: 25.78 MB - Download

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