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Aquarium Lab

Aquarium Lab is a comprehensive aquarium tracking software designed for Windows, offering a user-friendly interface to help both beginners and experienced hobbyists maintain optimal conditions for their aquariums. The software facilitates easy data entry and supports multiple freshwater and saltwater aquariums simultaneously...

Aquarium Lab Key Features:

Monitoring Aquarium Readings:

Track and monitor essential water parameters, including pH, temperature, calcium, alkalinity, and 21 different chemicals.
Automated calculations and graphing of test results for quick interpretation.

Livestock Tracking:

Maintain detailed profiles for each organism, including fish, corals, plants, and invertebrates.
Support for multiple aquariums, with features like purchase date, dietary habits, and photo uploads.

Water Changes:

Log and track water changes, scheduling and observing their impact on water quality.
Visualization of waste levels before and after partial water changes.

Food and Additives:

Record and track information about the food and additives used in the aquarium.
Simplify management of feeding schedules and dietary needs.

Project Manager and ToDo:

Integrated project manager and to-do list for efficient organization of aquarium-related tasks.

Monitoring Electrical Costs and Power Consumption:

Enter device wattage for accurate monitoring.
Automatic calculation of power consumption and operating costs on daily, monthly, and yearly bases.
Insights into the costs associated with running pumps, lights, and other electric devices.


Calculate aquarium weight and volume based on physical measurements for precise tracking of water changes.

Expense Tracking:

Record the price of aquarium-related purchases.
Automated calculation of the total worth of the aquarium, with expense breakdowns by categories.
Generate detailed expense reports in HTML format for easy analysis and printing.

Free 30-day Trial:

Offers a free 30-day trial period for users to explore the software.


Generate detailed reports in HTML format for water chemistry, biology (livestock profiles), and expenses.
Comprehensive overviews of aquarium conditions and expenses for informed decision-making.

Aquarium Lab provides a powerful set of tools to simplify aquarium management, making it accessible to hobbyists without requiring a scientific background. Users can utilize the trial period to evaluate the software's capabilities and decide if it suits their needs.

Size: 10.60 MB