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ABACOM LochMaster

ABACOM LochMaster is a specialized tool designed for strip board projects, offering a comprehensive set of functions for project board design, documentation, and testing. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional electronics enthusiast, LochMaster provides a realistic and intuitive platform for designing and realizing your electronic projects...

LochMaster Key Features:

Editable Component Library: 

LochMaster comes with an extensive library of electronic components, mechanical elements, symbols, and labels. Users can easily edit and create custom components to suit their specific project requirements.

Board Templates: 

The software includes pre-defined standard board layouts and allows users to create their own custom boards using the integrated board editor. Board sizes of up to 1000mm x 1000mm are supported.

Components Lists and Order Lists: 

LochMaster automatically generates components and order lists for projects, which can be exported to Excel with a single click through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

Grids, Rulers, and Measurements: 

Users can work with grids and rulers featuring measurements in millimeters, inches, and hole units, ensuring precision and accuracy in design.

Linking External Documents: 

The software enables users to link external documents such as datasheets, manufacturer information, and distributor links to project elements for easy reference.

Realistic Board Representation: 

LochMaster provides realistic and schematic representations of the project board, making it easy to visualize and understand the layout.

Potential Test: 

In test mode, LochMaster follows signal flows and helps users identify desired or unwanted connections. Wires, connections, and pins are analyzed, and connected areas are marked accordingly.

Front and Back Editing: 

Users can edit project boards in both top and bottom views, with an X-ray function to see components on the opposite side. Rotation and detailed access to project elements are supported.

Printing Options: 

LochMaster offers various printing options including component mounting plans and mirrored construction aids. Users can preview printouts and adjust print options as needed.

HPGL Export: 

Owners of milling machines can utilize HPGL exports containing drilling positions, milling tracks, and track split positions, facilitating the manufacturing process.



LochMaster provides realistic simulations of wiring, splitting tracks, soldering, and component placement, enhancing the design experience.


Users can customize the software to their liking by creating custom components, symbols, and board layouts.


With features like auto-generating components lists and order lists, LochMaster streamlines the design process and improves productivity.


From basic strip board projects to complex electronic systems, LochMaster accommodates a wide range of design requirements.

In summary, LochMaster is a versatile and user-friendly tool that empowers electronics enthusiasts to bring their strip board projects to life with ease and precision. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, LochMaster offers the functionality and flexibility needed to create high-quality electronic designs.

Download ABACOM LochMaster:

Size: 8.69 MB