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WinLock offers robust security measures to control and manage access to your computer. It's an essential tool for both personal and professional use, ensuring that only authorized users can access specific programs, files, or system settings. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, WinLock provides peace of mind knowing that your data and privacy are protected...

WinLock is a comprehensive security software designed to safeguard your computer and data by restricting access to various features and functionalities. It provides a wide array of features aimed at controlling user access, protecting sensitive information, and ensuring privacy. Below the full features of WinLock:

Full Detailed Features:

Password Protection:

Set up password protection to restrict access to your computer, preventing unauthorized users from logging in or accessing sensitive information.

Program Restrictions:

Control which programs users can run on your computer. You can block access to specific applications or limit usage to authorized programs only.

Internet Restrictions:

Manage internet access by blocking certain websites or restricting browsing altogether. This feature is particularly useful for parental control or in corporate environments where internet usage needs to be monitored and controlled.

File and Folder Locking:

Protect your files and folders by locking them with WinLock. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing, modifying, or deleting important data.

Desktop Locking:

Secure your desktop environment by locking it when you're away from your computer. This prevents anyone from tampering with your files or settings while you're not around.

System Settings Control:

Control access to system settings such as Control Panel, Task Manager, and Registry Editor. This helps prevent users from making unauthorized changes to your computer configuration.

Time Restrictions:

Set time limits for computer usage, allowing you to define specific periods when the computer can be used and when it should be locked or inaccessible.

Remote Management:

Manage WinLock settings remotely, allowing administrators to enforce security policies across multiple computers on a network.

Stealth Mode:

Run WinLock in stealth mode, making it invisible to users. This adds an extra layer of security by preventing users from knowing that their actions are being monitored or restricted.

Audit Trail:

Keep track of user activity with WinLock's audit trail feature. It logs all attempts to access restricted resources, providing valuable insight into security breaches or policy violations.

Multi-user Support:

Support for multiple user accounts, each with its own set of permissions and restrictions. This enables organizations to customize security policies for different user groups or individuals.

Customizable Security Policies:

Customize security policies to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you're a parent, small business owner, or IT administrator, WinLock provides the flexibility to tailor security settings to your unique situation.

Overall, WinLock is a versatile and powerful security solution that offers comprehensive protection for your computer and data. Its wide range of features, combined with its ease of use and flexibility, makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their computer security and privacy.

By leveraging WinLock's advanced security features, users can effectively manage access to their computer, protect sensitive information, and enforce security policies to prevent unauthorized use or tampering. Whether you're concerned about protecting your personal data, managing internet usage for your family, or enforcing security policies in a corporate environment, WinLock provides the tools you need to stay in control and keep your computer safe and secure.

WinLock - changelog:

Full support for Windows 11.

System window frame option.

Active days of week under timer settings.

Disable right-click app menu.

Disable sign-in options.

Wildcards under trusted sites.

Apply profile now supports domain users.

Support for TLS connection.

Disable Ctrl+D.

Redirect now works with most known browsers.

Support for the latest version of Remote Administrator.

Minor fixes and improvements.

Size: 11.21 MB