USB Raptor

USB Raptor is a Windows utility which can run in system tray and lock or unlock the computer by using USB memory drives as keys. USB Raptor created having in mind that when a user is locking and especially when unlocking a computer is wasting time and gets into an inconvenient and frustrating process of typing complex passwords...

With USB Raptor the locking and unlocking of the system is made automatically and easy.

The utility is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License and it can be freely downloaded and used as long the license is respected.

By activating USB Raptor to a system and creating an unlock USB key, the computer stays unlocked as long the key is detected in one of the USB ports. When a user removes the USB key from the computer the lock is activated and when the USB key is plugged back in to the USB port the lock is released.

The utility checks the USB drives to find an unlock file with encrypted content. Once the file is found and the decoding result is matching the password set by the user then the computer unlocks automatically and stays unlocked. If the unlock file is not found or the decryption result is different than the password set then the computer is locked and protected.


Automated Windows lock/unlock with the use of common USB flash drives.
Compatible with all types of USB flash drives.
Robust design.
Easy to setup and use.
High security option to verify the serial number of the flash drive.
Various alternative unlock methods.
Supports LAN lockdown (and unlock) function.
Synchronized lock and unlock on LAN for multiple PCs.
Status report over internet and LAN.
Supports serial command integration (beta stage).
Tray icon based application.
Option to delay and cancel the lock, to avoid unwanted locks.
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP compatible.
Multi screen systems supported.
Log file.
Master key support.
User selectable backdoor access options.
Key can be unique for each system.

Changelog - USB Raptor version (Guava):

Changed: Remote session stuff
Added: Turkish language
Added: Portuguese/Brazilian language
Added: Dutch language


Size: 11.56 MB