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GlassWire is a user-friendly network monitoring software designed to offer a comprehensive view of network activity. It visualizes network traffic in real-time using intuitive graphs and alerts users about potential security threats or unusual data usage patterns. It provides a clear understanding of which applications and services are utilizing network resources, facilitating informed decision-making regarding network management and security...

GlassWire is a security tool that provides users with detailed insights into their network traffic, helping them monitor data usage, detect suspicious activity, and improve overall network security.

GlassWire Key Features:

Network Monitoring and Visualization: GlassWire presents network activity through visually appealing graphs, making it easy for users to comprehend data usage patterns.

Real-time Alerts: It sends alerts about potential security threats, unusual network behavior, or when a new device connects to the network.

Application Monitoring: GlassWire identifies and tracks data usage for each application, helping users understand how much data individual apps consume.

Firewall Functionality: It includes a built-in firewall to control which applications can access the internet and block potentially harmful connections.

Incognito Mode: This feature allows users to pause monitoring and recording network activity when needed for privacy.

Bandwidth Usage Monitoring: GlassWire tracks bandwidth usage by day, week, or month, helping users manage their data consumption effectively.

Network Time Machine: Users can go back in time to review network activity and detect when certain applications or services consumed data.

Remote Server Monitoring: GlassWire enables monitoring of multiple remote servers, making it a valuable tool for system administrators and IT professionals.

Pros of Using GlassWire:

Enhanced Network Security: By providing real-time alerts and visualizing network activity, GlassWire helps users quickly identify suspicious behavior, potentially preventing security breaches and cyber-attacks.

Improved Privacy Control: The incognito mode and firewall functionality allow users to manage and control which applications have access to the internet, enhancing privacy and data security.

Efficient Bandwidth Management: GlassWire's detailed bandwidth usage insights enable users to optimize their data consumption, potentially saving costs and ensuring efficient network performance.

User-friendly Interface: The intuitive graphs and user interface make it easy for both tech-savvy individuals and casual users to navigate and understand their network activity.

Historical Analysis for Informed Decisions: The ability to review past network activity enables users to make informed decisions based on historical trends, aiding in network optimization and resource allocation.

Multi-platform Support: GlassWire is available for various platforms, making it accessible and useful across a wide range of devices and operating systems.

Valuable for Professionals: For IT professionals and system administrators, GlassWire offers a powerful tool to monitor and manage network activity across multiple servers, enhancing network security and performance.

GlassWire stands out as a comprehensive network monitoring and security tool, providing both individuals and professionals with the insights and control they need to ensure a secure and efficient network environment.

GlassWire offers both free and paid versions of their software. The free version of GlassWire provides basic network monitoring features, allowing users to monitor network activity, view usage graphs, and receive alerts about potential threats and changes to network activity.

On the other hand, GlassWire also offers a paid version which includes additional features and functionalities. The Pro version typically offers enhanced features like longer data history, additional alert options, the ability to monitor more remote connections, and access to advanced firewall controls.

Users can choose the version that suits their needs and requirements, whether they opt for the free version for basic network monitoring or decide to upgrade to the Pro version for more advanced features and capabilities.

GlassWire - Changelog:

Implemented GeoIP database expiration timestamp as a UTC string to improve UI.

Fixed bug causing removal of GeoIP database after download.

Fixed bug to automatically restore deleted GeoIP database.

Download GlassWire:

Size: 78.80 MB