File Lock PEA

File Lock PEA (PEA = Password Encrypting Archive) encrypts data at the filesystem level and offers the possibility to decrypt single files or whole directories temporarily.
The program consists of a single archive file. Installation is not required...

Privacy Protection:
Confidentiality through encryption: Files and folders are individually selected for decryption when they are needed.

Cloud Support:
Save your files in the cloud and upload new versions using several cloud providers. All data remain encrypted during this process

Authenticated Encryption:
Protects the integrity of the data by an authenticated encryption mode. This guarantees that the data has not been manipulated.

Metadata Hiding:
Many metadata can be masked: File names and other data can be made invisible by encrypting them in zip files.

Virtual keyboard against Keyloggers:
Provides an internal on-screen keyboard to protect against hardware keyloggers as well against some software keyloggers.

Additional Features:
Platform independent: Runs on all systems with a Java runtime environment
Uses a memory-hard key derivation function that defends custom-hardware attacks
All source code is open source, including the libraries used
Measures the quality of new passwords during input by a password strength meter. Indicates their strength by colored bars
Combines System Entropy with its own Entropy Source
Offers character tables to enlarge the character set of passwords
The program consists of a single archive file. Installation or registration is not required.

Runs with Java runtime environment up to (at least) Java 17.

Start the PEA:
Windows: just double click the file "file-lock-pea.jar",
if this does not work, try the helper file with extension ".bat",
Linux, BSD or MacOS: try to double click the helper file with extension ".sh"
(make it executable).
You can always use the terminal/console: change into the directory of the PEA and type:
java -jar file-lock-pea.jar

Use the PEA:
Menu: Create a new file, type and retype the password and choose a file.
You can then load any file to be encrypted.
Note: The files themselves are encrypted. If an encrypted copy is to be created, the file must be copied manually beforehand.
You will be asked to remember the file after closing. If you agree, the file will be shown the next time, you open the PEA. Otherwise you have to open it manually in the FILE menu.
You can store your file in the cloud and load it when you open the PEA in the FILE menu. Keep in mind, that the content is always encrypted, but at least the cloud provider gets a lot of meta data (e.g. file names...).
If you want to open several files together: Create new files only if existing files are displayed in the password dialog. Otherwise the files cannot be opened together even with the same password (due to different salts).

Size: 1.44 MB