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WizTree Free is a very high speed disk space analyser utility for Windows. It scans your hard drive and shows you which files and folders are using the most disk space. Your entire hard drive's file system is displayed visually, making it very easy to locate large files and folders. Use the information WizTree provides to quickly locate and remove "space hogs" from your hard drive...

WizTree is a lightweight and fast disk space analyzer that provides users with a visual representation of how their disk space is being used. It scans your hard drive or specific folders and presents the results in a tree-like structure, making it easy to identify which files and folders are consuming the most space on your system.

Here are some of the features of WizTree:

Rapid Scanning: WizTree is known for its incredible scanning speed. It can analyze your drive's file and folder sizes very quickly, which is particularly useful for users with large storage capacities.
Interactive Tree Map: The software presents the disk usage data in a hierarchical tree map format. This visual representation allows you to quickly identify large files and folders, helping you pinpoint where your disk space is being used.
Sortable List: WizTree provides a sortable list of files and folders, allowing you to arrange them by size, date, or other criteria. This helps you to further analyze and manage your disk space efficiently.
File Deletion: You can delete files and folders directly from the WizTree interface, which can help you quickly free up space on your hard drive.
NTFS Compression Information: WizTree can show you which files and folders are compressed using NTFS compression, which can be useful for understanding how compression impacts your disk space usage.
Portable Version: WizTree offers a portable version that can be run from a USB drive without installation, making it convenient for diagnosing and managing disk space on different computers.

Overall, WizTree is a great tool for quickly and easily analyzing your disk space usage. It is fast, easy to use, and provides detailed information about your files and folders.

Here are some of the pros of WizTree:

Speed: One of the standout features of WizTree is its exceptional scanning speed. It can analyze large drives in seconds, making it a preferred choice for users who need quick insights into their disk usage.
Visual Representation: The tree map visualization helps users quickly grasp the distribution of files and folders on their hard drive, making it easier to identify space-hogging elements.
Intuitive Interface: WizTree's user-friendly interface is designed to be simple and easy to navigate, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
Portable Option: The availability of a portable version allows users to carry the utility on a USB drive and use it on different computers without installation.
File Deletion: The ability to delete files and folders directly from the software can streamline the process of freeing up disk space.
Free: The free version is available for personal use.

If you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use disk space analyzer, WizTree is a great option. The free version is perfect for personal use.

WizTree - Changelog:

UI tweaked to look like Windows 11 style.
WizTree can now export/import ".tsv" (tab separated values) files. Simply set the file name extension to ".tsv" when saving to enable this, otherwise it will use a comma to separate the values.
Some UI elements would be slightly blurry on high DPI screens - fixed.
Deleted files will now be marked with a red outline in the treemap as they are detected.
Fixed treemap hover glitch which could happen in certain situations when deleting files.
Various translations updated.

Install version:

Size: 4.51 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 6.70 MB - Download

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