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StopUpdates10 totally disables Windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10 and windows 11 Updates and Upgrades! Take control of your life and Windows updates!
StopUpdates10 has 2 modes:
Windows Updates 100% Bulleteproof Hard Block (with Double Protection).
Windows Updates Soft Block - Pause Updates until 11/18/2099 with ability update Windows Defender and Windows Store Apps...

Stops Windows updates.
Stops forced upgrades.
Stops annoying upgrade notifications.
Restore updates with one-click.
Pauses updates.
Disables Windows 7 and windows 8 'End of support' and 'End of Service' notifications.

Easy to disable and re-enable Windows updates.
StopUpdates10 does not delete files, does not change file rights or another destructive actions.
StopUpdates10 is lightweight.
StopUpdates10 is free of charge.
What's the difference between 'stop updates' and 'pause updates'?
Stopping updates prevents downloading and installing any updates.
It blocks the Windows update service.
Pausing updates only block installing, not downloading, updates.
Microsoft allows you to pause updates for limited number of days and only once.
You can not pause updates again after resuming.
StopUpdates10 removes limitations for pausing updates:
You can pause updates until up to 2099 year.
You can pause and resume updates as many times as you want.
You can set different pause date and time for Feature updates and for Quality updates.
What's the difference between Feature updates and Quality updates?
Feature update is a new version of Windows. It is installed as an upgrade to the existing version with changing the build number.
Freeware (commercial usage is allowed).

StopUpdates10 - Changelog:

Added blocking services: PushToInstall, Bits, DoSvc.
The PushToInstall service automatically restores the Windows Update service after installing update KB5026372.
Fixed bugs with user-defined services in the Updates Guard service.

Install version:

Size: 2.36 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 2.94 MB - Download