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Spybot Anti-Beacon is a one-click solution to improve your privacy. Just start it and it will apply your preferred protection and display the results graphically...

While Microsoft has included the ability to disable certain telemetry options in Windows 10, some users might find this process technically challenging. For this reason, this tool was created to simplify this process, which gets regularly updated to include telemetry additions added by Microsoft and others.

Your preferences:

Privacy and comfort need to be in balance for your personal needs. We suggest you simply follow our Recommendation. But you can also set up Anti-Beacon to be paranoid at the cost of some system apps working with limits, or just apply the most basic privacy settings. Simply click "Customize" and pick a recommendation level or decide for each entry on their own. You can click on them to show details for each if you like.

Start Screen:
The start screen gives an overview of the status of your system and offers access to all Anti-Beacon settings. The Anti-Beacon Wheel is separated into three segments and shows the activity of Anti-Beacon. During the process of protecting and unprotecting a number of smaller segments are displayed. Inside this wheel is a smaller ring. This shows how many telemetry options are blocked.

The level of protection can be specified manually. All the types of telemetry options are listed and can be chosen to be enabled or disabled. On the lower right of the home screen is a Customize button to customize the level of protection. This can also be done by clicking on the center of the Anti-Beacon Wheel.

Blocked telemetry options:
Below this options, the number of blocked options is displayed. It shows the number of options that are blocked out of the total number that have been selected on the Customize Screen.

Plus Immunizers:
The list of immunizers is separated into multiple categories. The immunizers listed on the Plus categories go beyond regular telemetry by the Operating System (Windows) and are intended to block third party telemetry. These are available in the paid version of Spybot Anti-Beacon only.

There are four options displayed at the top of the columns: None, Minimal, Recommended, Full and Done.

None: The option None disables all immunizers that are available in Anti-Beacon. This results in full telemetry communication. Use this to undo all Anti-Beacon applied immunization.
Minimal: This option provides a minimum level of protection offered by Anti-Beacon. With this option selected, the amount of telemetry data send is reduced to the most important information.
Recommended: This is the level of protection recommended by Spybot. It will enable the most important blocking options. It offers more privacy than Minimal but still allows some telemetry data to be sent.
High: With this option selected, all available options are blocked. This is the most comprehensive level of protection offered by Anti-Beacon.
This option may also block communication essential for the functioning of some installed software.

System Requirements:
Spybot Anti-Beacon supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It is available in multiple languages, including English, German and Chinese.

Size: 15.76 MB



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