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Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a popular software uninstaller tool for Windows that goes beyond the standard Windows uninstall function. It boasts powerful features that help users completely remove unwanted programs, including leftover files and registry entries, ensuring a clean and efficient system...

Core Functionality:

Uninstalling Programs: Revo Uninstaller offers several modes for uninstalling programs:

Standard Mode: Mimics the built-in Windows uninstaller, but with enhanced scanning for leftovers.

Safe Mode: Performs a more cautious uninstall, minimizing risks of system instability.

Advanced Mode: Provides granular control over the uninstall process, allowing for precise targeting of leftovers.

Forced Uninstall: Attempts to remove remnants of programs already uninstalled through other means.

Leftover Scanning: Revo Uninstaller employs powerful algorithms to scan for leftover files, folders, and registry entries after a program's built-in uninstaller has run. This ensures a complete and thorough removal.

Cleaning Tools: Revo Uninstaller offers several additional tools to clean up your system:

Junk Files Cleaner: Scans and removes temporary and unnecessary files, freeing up disk space.

Browser Extensions Cleaner: Manages and removes unwanted browser extensions.

Windows Tools Manager: Provides access and management options for various Windows tools.

Additional Features:

Batch Uninstall: Uninstall multiple programs simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Logging and History: Keeps a detailed log of all uninstallations for future reference.

Backup System: Creates backups of registry keys before making changes, allowing for easy rollback in case of issues.

Multi-User Support: Works with different user accounts on a single system.

Portable Version: Available for use on removable drives without installation.

Command Line Support: Offers advanced users the option to control Revo Uninstaller through command lines.

Customization: Allows personalization of the interface and behavior of the program.

Benefits of Using Revo Uninstaller:

Thorough Uninstalls: Removes programs completely, minimizing the risk of leftover files and registry entries causing issues.

Improved System Performance: Regular use can free up disk space and improve system performance by eliminating unnecessary clutter.

Enhanced System Stability: Removes remnants that could potentially conflict with other programs or cause stability issues.

Time-Saving Features: Batch uninstall, quick uninstall, and other features save time and effort compared to manual uninstallation.

Customization and Control: Provides users with various options to tailor the program to their specific needs.


Revo Uninstaller Pro version offers additional features like real-time system monitoring and advanced scanning algorithms compared to the freeware version.

While powerful, advanced features might be overwhelming for casual users.

Always exercise caution when using advanced uninstall modes or cleaning tools to avoid unintended system changes.


Revo Uninstaller is a valuable tool for anyone looking to keep their Windows system clean and efficient. Its comprehensive uninstall features, powerful scanning algorithms, and additional cleaning tools make it a versatile solution for removing unwanted programs and optimizing system performance.

Revo Uninstaller - Changelog:

Improved – Algorithm for detection of custom user’s installation folders.

Fixed minor bugs.

Updated language files.

Download Revo Uninstaller:

Install version:

Size: 6.64 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 8.61 MB - Download