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ProcessKO: Taming unruly processes with a swift knockout punch.
ProcessKO is a free, portable Windows utility designed to terminate unresponsive or frozen programs with lightning speed. Whether you're a seasoned developer battling stubborn software or a casual user facing a glitchy application, ProcessKO offers a swift and efficient solution compared to the standard Windows Task Manager...

ProcessKO Key Features:

Instantaneous process termination: Simply select the desired process from the list and click "KO!" to force it to close. No more navigating menus or confirming prompts.

Portable and lightweight: No installation required. Download the program, run it directly, and terminate processes on the fly. Take it with you on a USB stick for instant troubleshooting wherever you go.

User-friendly interface: The clean and intuitive interface displays essential process information like name, CPU usage, and memory consumption. Quickly identify the culprit and deliver the knockout punch.

Multiple termination options: Right-click on a process for more control. Choose to "End Task," "Suspend," or "Restart" depending on your needs.

Filtering and search: Narrow down the list of processes by filtering by name or CPU/memory usage. You can also search for specific applications with ease.

Multilingual support: ProcessKO boasts support for various languages, ensuring a comfortable experience for users worldwide.


Boosts productivity: Get rid of unresponsive programs quickly and get back to your work without wasting time wrestling with the Task Manager.

Enhances system stability: Force-closing malfunctioning processes can help prevent system crashes and freezes, maintaining a smooth and stable computing experience.

Portable convenience: Troubleshoot unresponsive programs even without administrator privileges or on systems without installation rights.

Simple and intuitive: Even non-technical users can easily understand and use ProcessKO's straightforward interface.

Who should use ProcessKO?

Developers and testers: Frequently encounter frozen or unresponsive applications during development and testing. ProcessKO provides a quick and efficient way to terminate them.

Casual users: Anyone who occasionally faces unresponsive programs or system slowdowns can benefit from ProcessKO's ability to quickly close problematic processes.

IT professionals: Troubleshoot unresponsive applications on client systems without needing administrator privileges.

Gamers: Eliminate game freezes and glitches by quickly terminating interfering processes, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Additional Notes:

While ProcessKO offers a convenient way to terminate processes, it's important to use it judiciously. Force-closing essential system processes can lead to instability or data loss.

It's recommended to use ProcessKO only as a last resort after attempting to close programs through their normal channels.

ProcessKO - Changelog:

New code sign certificate for process.K.O.exe.

Important tests of the process K.O. APP for the next MS Windows 11/10 update.

Update of language files in the process K.O. application.

For windows 32 bit:

Size: 143.98 KB - Download

For windows 64 bit:

Size: 178.29 KB - Download

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