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OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) Free is a comprehensive system stability testing and monitoring utility designed for overclockers, hardware enthusiasts, and anyone looking to assess their computer's performance and stability. It can be used to test CPUs, GPUs, and other components...

OCCT is designed to evaluate computer's performance and reliability. With an array of comprehensive testing options, real-time monitoring features, and detailed analysis, OCCT Free empowers users to ensure their systems are running at their best.

OCCT offers a wide range of features, including:

System Stability Testing:

OCCT Free conducts rigorous stress tests on your CPU, GPU, and power supply to assess system stability under heavy workloads. This helps identify potential issues and ensures reliable performance.

Temperature Monitoring:

Real-time tracking of CPU, GPU, and system temperatures prevents overheating, allowing users to monitor thermal performance and take necessary precautions.

Hardware Information:

OCCT Free provides detailed insights into your hardware components, including CPU, GPU, RAM, and more. This data aids in diagnosing bottlenecks and optimizing system configurations.

Overclocking Assessment:

Evaluate the stability of overclocked components and settings. OCCT's tests help determine if your overclock is stable and sustainable over time.

Power Consumption Monitoring:

Measure and display power usage during testing, offering insights into energy efficiency and potential optimizations.

Benchmarking Capability:

Compare your system's performance against standardized benchmarks and track improvements over time, helping you gauge the impact of hardware changes.

Customizable Tests:

OCCT Free allows users to tailor stress tests to specific components, durations, and intensity levels, ensuring flexibility in evaluating system stability.

OCCT is a great tool for anyone who wants to test the stability and performance of their computer hardware. It is free to use and powerful.

Here are some of the pros of using OCCT:

Comprehensive Testing:

OCCT Free covers multiple hardware components, offering a holistic assessment of your system's stability and performance.

Real-time Monitoring:

Stay informed about critical system metrics in real time, preventing thermal throttling and system instability.

Overclocking Validation:

Test the viability of your overclocking endeavors, making informed decisions about overclocking configurations.

Insightful Benchmarking:

Gain insights into your system's performance trends and compare against industry standards for a clear performance perspective.

User-Friendly Interface:

OCCT's intuitive interface makes stress testing and monitoring accessible to users of varying technical expertise.

Active Development:

Regular updates ensure compatibility with the latest hardware and software, keeping OCCT Free a reliable tool for ongoing system maintenance.

Cost-effective Solution:

OCCT Free offers a robust set of features at no cost, providing high value for overclockers and enthusiasts.

In summary, OCCT Free is an essential tool for optimizing system performance, testing hardware stability, and exploring overclocking potential. With its thorough testing suite and real-time monitoring, OCCT empowers users to achieve peak system performance while ensuring stability and longevity.

OCCT - Changelog:


Fixed : THe duration will be properly displayed as Automatic / Infinite when a benchmark is used in a schedule in the Enterprise edition.

Lots of small bugfixes ( Comments in certificates are no longer centered, ... )


Fixed : Results will now appear properly when upload is disabled.

Benchmarks tied to a private Certificate are also made private. They will be made public when the certificate is public. A mechanism to make them private/public individually will be added later on.

Fixed : running benchmarks in a schedule would discard the configuration if the benchmark was not the first period.


Stability certificate can now be made private or public upon generation. Private certificates are uploaded and created, take a slot, but will only be visible to the owner. It can be made public from the dashboard on Ocbase.


Fixed : Changing the selected period in the enterprise edition report will properly update the monitoring table

Fixed : Changing the period will no longer reset the filters and selected sensors in the enterprise report

Fixed : if a schedule was only comprised of benchmarks, the report would fail to load

Fixed : not selecting any sensor will properly display an empty graph instead of the previously selected sensor in the HTML report

Download OCCT:

Size: 218.07 MB