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O&O DeskInfo

O&O DeskInfo is a free application that shows you the most important Windows and system information on your desktop. This mean that you always have an overview of what is happening on your PC and can immediately provide specific information in the event of a support request. Alson you acn make numerous settings via the context menu in the info area...

CPU, RAM, drives, network, …:
With O&O DeskInfo you always have all the relevant system information at a glance, right on your desktop! You can also customize the ad yourself to just see exactly what you are interested in! Whether CPU or memory usage or network information – everything is presented in a compact and understandable way. To increase your security O&O DeskInfo warns when connecting unknown USB devices.

Simply pass on all information:
Do you need this information for a support request? No problem! Simply save all data to the clipboard via the context menu in the info area and easily send it by email or via a web form!

Not the right color? Not in the right place? :
You’d like O&O DeskInfo to be somewhere else on the desktop? Or is the font too small or in the wrong color? No problem! Simply select from the context menu. Even choose the right monitor – if you have more than one!

Download, start, done:
Are you looking for the installation file? No need, there isn’t one! O&O DeskInfo is completely portable. Simply download, start, done. And if you want, O&O DeskInfo will start automatically the next time you want it!

O&O DeskInfo - Changelog:

NEW: Improved integration into the desktop for remote desktop systems.
NEW: Dialog for displaying Windows product keys (including OEM versions).
FIX: Fixed missing CPU usage display on some systems.
FIX: Fixed typo when displaying IPv6 DNS servers.
FIX: Minor bug fixes.
Available in English, German and French.

FIX: Corrected operating system information on Windows 10.
FIX: Corrected operating system information for Windows Server 2022.
FIX: Transfer of info to Notepad now with version stamp.
FIX: Corrected error when switching languages.
FIX: Error corrected when importing the user-defined profile.
FIX: Fixed error displaying drive activity.
FIX: Corrected missing tick when selecting a network card.
FIX: Minor bug fixes.
Available in English, German and French.

Size: 1.56 MB