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NTLite is a free tool that allows you to customize and optimize Windows installation images. It can be used to integrate updates, drivers, applications, and registry files into an image, as well as to remove unwanted components. NTLite also supports unattended Windows setup, including disk partitioning...

NTLite is a versatile and reliable tool for customizing Windows installations, giving users the ability to create personalized and efficient operating system setups tailored to their specific preferences and requirements.

Here are some of the key features of NTLite:

Integrate updates, drivers, applications, and registry files into an image.

Remove unwanted components from an image.

Create unattended Windows setup images.

Perform disk partitioning during unattended setup.

Target the already installed Windows (e.g. C:\Windows or a mounted VHD) and configure it without re-installation.

Support for all standard image formats, including ISO, WIM, decrypted ESD, and SWM.

Ability to create a bootable ISO from any of the supported image formats.

NTLite is a powerful tool that can be used to customize and optimize Windows installation images. It is a valuable tool for system administrators, IT professionals, and power users.

Here's a breakdown of its main advantages:

Customization: NTLite allows users to customize Windows installations extensively, enabling them to remove unwanted components, integrate updates and drivers, and include third-party applications, resulting in a streamlined and tailored OS.

Reduced Footprint: By removing unnecessary components, NTLite can significantly reduce the size and resource usage of a Windows installation, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Live Editing: The ability to edit a running Windows installation in real-time without the need for reinstallation is a valuable feature, particularly for system administrators and power users managing multiple computers.

Intuitive Interface: NTLite offers a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to both experienced users and those new to customization and tweaking of Windows installations.

Driver Integration: The tool allows easy integration of specific drivers, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for hardware devices.

Update Integration: Users can integrate Windows updates directly into the installation media, simplifying the deployment of up-to-date systems.

Unattended Setup: NTLite supports unattended setup configurations, which are useful for automated installations, especially in enterprise environments.

Ultimately, whether or not NTLite is right for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking for a powerful tool to customize and optimize your Windows installation, then NTLite is a good option to consider.

Here are the system requirements for NTLite:

Windows 7 or newer.

x86 or x64.

1 GB of RAM.

1 GB of free disk space.

NTLite does not require .NET Framework or any other additional software to run.

NTLite - Changelog:

Fix: SDK Update, solves a recently introduced 32-bit tool crash.

Upgrade: UI-Translation in Korean.

How to use NTLite:

Download and Install: Download NTLite and install it on your computer.

Source Selection: Choose the Windows installation image (ISO, WIM, or ESD file) you want to customize.

Component Removal: Browse through the list of components and features and select the ones you want to remove.

Integration: Integrate drivers, updates, language packs, and applications into the installation image.

Tweaks and Settings: Adjust Windows settings, appearance, and behavior according to your preferences.

Unattended Setup: Create unattended setup scripts to automate the installation process.

Image Creation: After customization, create a new customized installation image.

Deployment: Use the customized image to install Windows on new systems or update existing installations.

Download NTLite:
For Windows 32 bit:
Size: 21.15 MB - Download
For Windows 64 bit:
Size: 23.64 MB - Download