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Multi Commander

Multi Commander free is a powerful, multi-tabbed file manager and alternative to the default Windows Explorer. It offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it an ideal tool for power users, programmers, and anyone who wants to optimize their file management workflow...

Here's a breakdown of Multi Commander's key features and functionalities:

General Features:

Dual-pane interface: View and manage files in two panels simultaneously, enabling easy comparison and file operations across directories.

Tabbed browsing: Work with multiple folders and operations in separate tabs for efficient navigation and organization.

Customizable layout: Configure the interface to suit your workflow, including resizing panels, adding buttons, and customizing the toolbar.

Keyboard shortcuts: Leverage extensive keyboard shortcuts for quick and efficient file management.

Support for various file formats: Work with a wide range of file types, including ZIP, RAR, 7z, FTP, and more.

Portable version: Use Multi Commander on any computer without requiring installation.

Multilingual support: Available in multiple languages for international users.

File Management Features:

Copy, move, rename, and delete files and folders: Perform basic file operations with ease.

Batch operations: Apply actions to multiple files simultaneously, saving time and effort.

File search: Quickly find files and folders based on various criteria.

Virtual file system: Access files from various sources, including archives, network drives, and FTP servers, within a unified interface.

File comparison: Compare files quickly and efficiently to identify differences.

File synchronization: Synchronize files and folders between different locations.

File packing and unpacking: Create and extract archives using various compression formats.

Advanced Features:

Multi-rename tool: Rename multiple files using powerful rules and regular expressions.

File checksum tools: Verify the integrity of files and detect data corruption.

Text editor: Edit text files directly within Multi Commander.

Internal picture viewer: View images conveniently without opening a separate application.

Language editor: Edit and translate language files.

Script support: Automate tasks using scripts.

Plugin support: Extend Multi Commander's functionality with various plugins.

User configuration: Customize various aspects of Multi Commander's behavior to your preference.

Benefits of Using Multi Commander:

Increased productivity: Efficiently manage files and folders with powerful features and keyboard shortcuts.

Improved organization: Stay organized with a customizable interface and tabbed browsing.

Enhanced file access: Access files from various sources within a single interface.

Automating tasks: Automate repetitive tasks with scripts and plugins.

Greater flexibility: Customize Multi Commander to your specific needs and workflow.

Overall, Multi Commander is a powerful and versatile file manager that offers a wide range of features and customization options. It can significantly enhance your file management efficiency and productivity, making it a valuable tool for power users and anyone who wants to optimize their workflow.

Multi Commander - Changelog:

ADDED: Can now add favorites folders and favorites from the Favorites popup menu.

ADDED: CustomCommand MC.BackupConfig / MC.RestoreConfig.

ADDED: Quick search should support special language characters better.

ADDED: Keep Alive handing, Prevent system from going to sleep during file operarations.

ADDED: Foldertree now shows virtual folders on root level like Download,MyDocuments and so on.

CHANGE: Update to use new version of build system and compilers.

CHANGE: Change so some configuration to be loaded on demand instead of during startup.

FIXED: Issue with text color for favorites window not read correctly.

UPDATE: Updated to Unrar Src 6.2.10.

FIXED: Prevent foldertree from adding virtual link items if they already exists.

FIXED: Drag and Drop will now always deelect when copy/move operation starts.

FIXED: Drag and drop will remeber the selection it had, so they can be retrieved with NumKey+*.

FIXED: Crash if MultiScript Debug window, If it was closed before script was done.

FIXED: Quick search issue.

FIXED: When clicking on commandline field, All texts is now selected.

FIXED: Fav: no longer shows a strange size folders.

FIXED: Draw issue in FolderTree.

FIXED: Ctrl+A/Ctrl+D works in find fields in text viewer.

FIXED: WindowsPreviewHandler (pdf,xls) works better in HoverDataPreview and PanelDataPreview.

FIXED: Better handling of 7Zip that require password to be opened/unpacked.

FIXED: 15 Stability issues.

For windows 32 bit:

Size: 8.04 MB - Download

For windows 64 bit:

Size: 8.96 MB - Download