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MemTest86 is an original, free, standalone memory testing software designed for x86 computers. It serves the purpose of diagnosing potential faults in a computer's RAM (Random Access Memory) by subjecting it to a series of comprehensive tests using various algorithms. This testing helps identify and isolate issues that might lead to problems like corrupted data, crashes, or other erratic behavior...

MemTest86 is a bootable utility that can be launched from a USB flash drive or a CD. When started, it initiates a battery of tests aimed at evaluating the health and stability of your computer's RAM modules. The tool operates independently of the operating system, ensuring accurate testing without interference from other software or drivers. It's utilized to diagnose memory-related problems in various contexts, including industrial usage by manufacturers and consumer usage by system builders, overclockers, and computer enthusiasts.


Platform and Architecture Support:

Boots from USB flash drives.

Supports UEFI BIOS.

Contains native 64-bit code for efficient testing.

ARM64 support for testing on ARM-based systems.

Trusted binaries for systems with Secure Boot enabled.

Native USB keyboard support.

Graphical interface with mouse support.

Piezo speaker audio support for audible notifications.

Reports RAM information using SMBIOS.

Reports basic RAM SPD information.

Reports ECC (Error-Correcting Code) capability.

Test Algorithms and Fault Detection:

Includes a new Row Hammer test to identify a specific type of memory issue.

Supports multi-core testing, utilizing multiple CPU cores for comprehensive testing.

Provides ECC error reporting to identify potential error correction problems.

Monitors CPU and RAM temperatures during testing.

Offers RAM benchmarking to assess memory performance.

Generates comprehensive logs to record testing results.

Enables saving HTML reports for further analysis.

Integration and Third-Party Support:

Supports command-line scripting for automated testing.

Offers Intelligent Memory Surveillance (iMS) for failure prevention.

Multi-Language Support:

MemTest86 is available in several languages, including French, German, Czech, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Japanese, and Chinese.

Pros of Using MemTest86:

Reliable Memory Testing: MemTest86 is trusted by both industry professionals and enthusiasts for identifying memory-related issues that can lead to system instability and data corruption.

Diagnosis of Random Issues: Faulty RAM can manifest as unpredictable crashes and behavior. MemTest86 helps pinpoint these issues, making troubleshooting more effective.

Industrial and Consumer Use: The tool is utilized by manufacturers and everyday users alike, underscoring its value for identifying memory problems across various scenarios.

Comprehensive Testing: Its multiple algorithms and thorough testing processes ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the memory subsystem.

User-Friendly: With a graphical interface and support for various languages, MemTest86 is accessible and easy to use.

Industry Standards: MemTest86 is a standard tool used to ensure the reliability of computer systems, making it a staple in the realm of memory testing.

In conclusion, MemTest86 is a powerful, reliable, and widely recognized memory testing utility that aids in diagnosing memory-related problems, leading to improved system stability and performance. Its comprehensive testing methods, compatibility with different platforms, and user-friendly features make it an essential tool for anyone seeking to identify and resolve memory issues in their computers.

MemTest86 - Changelog:


Preliminary support for obtaining memory settings for Intel Core chipsets.

Preliminary support for obtaining memory settings for Intel Core Ultra chipsets.

Preliminary support for obtaining memory settings for Intel Xeon scalable chipsets.

Preliminary support for obtaining memory settings for Intel Atom X Series (Elkhart Lake) chipsets.

Preliminary ECC support for the following Intel chipsets.

Preliminary support for module decoding for Intel 10th gen core (Ice Lake) chipsets.

Added support for reporting various ECC error types (eg. IBECC/Scrub).

Fixed rounding of DDR5 latency timings.

Fixed offsetted temperatures for AMD 19h family chipsets.

Suppress CPU errors due to UEFI firmware issues once already displayed.

Display "SPD FAIL" block error message when SPDMATCH check fails after test completion.

Updated localization strings (courtesy of Nagisa).

Updated ImageUSB to v1.5.1006.

Updated blacklist.

Download MemTest86:

Image for creating bootable USB Drive:

Size: 11.50 MB - Download

Image for creating bootable CD (ISO format):

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MemTest86 User Guide:

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