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LicenseCrawler is a versatile and portable application designed to scan the Windows Registry for product keys, serial numbers, and licenses associated with various software applications installed on a Windows system. It offers a range of features to assist users in retrieving and managing their software licenses, making it a valuable tool for tasks such as system backup, migration projects, and system restoration...

LicenseCrawler Key Features:

Scanning and Retrieval:

LicenseCrawler quickly scans the Windows Registry to locate and extract product keys, serial numbers, and licenses for installed software applications.


The portable version of LicenseCrawler allows users to run the application directly from a USB stick, providing flexibility and convenience for on-the-go use.

System Backup and Restore:

Positioned as a helpful tool for system backup, migration projects, and system restore, LicenseCrawler assists users in retrieving essential license information.

Free for Non-commercial Use:

LicenseCrawler is available for free for non-commercial purposes, emphasizing the importance of checking and adhering to licensing terms.

Command-Line Options:

LicenseCrawler provides command-line options for users who prefer a command-line interface. These options offer greater control over the application's behavior, allowing for automated or scripted usage.

Usage Options:

Options such as debug mode (-d), skipping the End-User License Agreement (-eula), demo mode (-demo), evaluation mode (-eval), autostart mode (-run), and others offer users flexibility in configuring the application according to their needs.

Export Functionality:

Users can export the retrieved license information to a file, providing a convenient way to save and manage license keys for future reference.

Advanced Features:

LicenseCrawler includes advanced features such as the ability to decode Adobe keys (-decode.adobe ) and hiding the application header (-hideheader), enhancing its functionality for users with specific requirements.

Example Commands:

licensecrawler -save keys.log -ignore -cmd

licensecrawler -run -eula -save keys.log -ignore -exit

licensecrawler -cmd -hideheader -decode.adobe

licensecrawler -run -eula -save keys.log -ignore -exit -hide

These examples showcase how users can utilize LicenseCrawler's command-line options for various purposes, including saving keys to a file, running in different modes, and decoding specific types of keys.

Please note that users should always use such tools responsibly and within the bounds of software licensing agreements. Additionally, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, users should refer to the latest documentation or the official website of LicenseCrawler.

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