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iVentoy is a versatile and open-source tool that serves as both a bootable USB drive creator and an enhanced version of a PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) server. It allows users to easily create bootable USB drives and deploy operating systems on multiple computers simultaneously over a network. iVentoy's simplicity, cross-platform compatibility, and advanced features make it a powerful solution for various system deployment and maintenance tasks...

This network-based installation approach can significantly streamline the deployment of operating systems across a large number of machines, making it particularly useful in IT environments, data centers, and system administration tasks.

Key Features of iVentoy:

Network OS Installation:

iVentoy allows you to boot and install operating systems on multiple computers at the same time over a network. This is especially valuable for deploying systems without the need for physical media like USB drives or DVDs.

Simplified Configuration:

Unlike traditional PXE server setups that often involve complex configurations, iVentoy aims to simplify the process. You just need to place the ISO files in the designated location and select PXE boot on the client machines.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

iVentoy is designed to work on both Windows and Linux platforms, offering flexibility and convenience for administrators and users on various systems.

PXE Optimization:

iVentoy is optimized for PXE scenarios, ensuring efficient and reliable network boot and installation processes.

Direct ISO Booting:

One of iVentoy's standout features is the ability to boot ISO files directly, eliminating the need for extraction. This simplifies the setup process and reduces the storage space required.

Native Boot Menu Support:

iVentoy provides native boot menu styles for both Legacy BIOS and various UEFI modes (IA32, x86_64, ARM64).

Comprehensive OS Support:

iVentoy supports over 110 common types of operating systems, including Windows, Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment), Linux distributions, and VMware installations.

Boot Password Protection:

You can enforce boot password protection at the system or ISO level, enhancing security during the boot process.

Multi-Device Installation:

iVentoy allows different operating systems to be installed on multiple devices simultaneously, further streamlining the deployment process.

Integration with Third-Party DHCP Servers:

iVentoy can work alongside third-party DHCP servers, giving you the flexibility to incorporate it into existing network infrastructures.

MAC Address Filtering:

iVentoy supports device filtering based on MAC addresses, helping administrators manage which devices are allowed to access the network boot and installation services.

Client Device Information:

iVentoy provides information about client devices, including their manufacturer and product name, which can be valuable for monitoring and management purposes.

File Injection and Script Injection:

The tool offers features for injecting files and scripts into the boot process, allowing for customization and automation during the installation process.

Auto Installation Support:

iVentoy supports automatic installation for both Windows and Linux operating systems, including driver handling and variable expansion for install scripts.

In summary, iVentoy has evolved from being a bootable USB drive creator to a comprehensive network-based OS deployment tool. Its capabilities make it particularly useful for large-scale system deployments, where efficient and standardized installations are essential.

Here are the benefits of using iVentoy :


iVentoy significantly reduces the time and effort required for deploying operating systems, making it ideal for IT professionals managing multiple devices.


By supporting multiple operating systems on a single USB drive or network server, iVentoy reduces the need for multiple bootable media.


iVentoy's cross-platform compatibility and support for various firmware modes ensure flexibility in deployment scenarios.

Ease of Use:

The tool's user-friendly interface and simplified configuration streamline the process of creating bootable media and deploying OSs.


iVentoy helps standardize the OS deployment process, ensuring consistent configurations across devices.


Boot password protection and MAC address filtering enhance security during the boot and installation processes.


The tool's support for automation and script injection simplifies repetitive installation tasks.

Network-Based Deployment:

iVentoy's ability to deploy OSs over a network reduces the need for physical media and enables centralized management.

In conclusion, iVentoy's combination of bootable USB creation and network-based OS deployment capabilities offers a comprehensive solution for system administrators and IT professionals seeking efficient, standardized, and flexible ways to deploy and manage operating systems across multiple devices.

iVentoy - Changelog:

Optimization for Windows Driver Missing Error.

Fix the crash when boot some special ISO files.

Bugfix, comments and suggestions are welcome.

For windows 32 bit:

Size: 9.70 MB - Download

For windows 64 bit:

Size: 9.83 MB - Download