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HiBit System Information is a powerful system information utility that gathers important data on the computer's hardware components, operating system and installed software...

Extract details of all components of your computer.

Support Most CPUs, motherboads, HDD Drives and Video Cards.
Storage Device's Health Status.
Export to the HTML File.
Easy-to-use User Interface.


Detailed information about the configuration of your computer.
The storage device's health status.
The laptop battery health status.
List of running processes, services, drivers and startup.
List of installed software.
Export the computer information to the HTML file.
Easy-to-use user interface.
Automatic update to the latest version.

HiBit System Information - Changelog:

Updated Devices list.
Added "TPM version" in Motherboard section.
GUI improvements and bug fixes.

Install version:

Size: 2.19 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 2.39 MB - Download

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