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Driver Easy

Driver Easy is a straightforward application that will help you detect and download your missing or outdated drivers. Are you still annoying with your driver issue? Don’t be! With the friendly user Interface, DriverEasy can save you so much time & energy to find the latest drivers for your computer...

Powered by its Industry-leading technology, 1,000,000 + hardware driver database, daily-updating drivers support, DriverEasy drives your computer faster and assures your system running more safe & steadily.

It’s easy to backup every driver installed in your pc and restore it whenever you want. Further more , If you encounter the old and new driver incompatible, DriverEasy can let you easily Uninstall any Drivers that you do not need . With a few seconds you can clear up your system and keep the specified driver working quite well.

Driver Easy Features:

Find all devices that need new drivers:

Just click Scan, and Driver Easy will find all the devices on your computer that have missing or outdated drivers.

Works offline:

Can’t get online? Just use another PC to download the right network driver, then copy it across. Driver Easy steps you through it.

1-click fix:

Driver Easy will download and install all your computer’s missing and outdated drivers with just 1 click.

Driver backup & restore:

Roll back to an earlier version of a driver with just a few clicks.

Improve computer performance & stability:

Many computer problems are caused by drivers. Driver Easy can get your PC back in shape, and keep it there.

Auto restore point:

Easily restore Windows to exactly how it was before you updated your drivers.

Any device:

No matter what hardware your PC has inside, or what devices you have plugged in, Driver Easy will install the drivers you need.

Scheduled scans:

Set and forget. Driver Easy will ensure your drivers are always up to date.

1 million+ drivers:

Driver Easy has more than 1 million drivers, and add more added every day. All official drivers, straight from the hardware manufacturer, and all certified safe and reliable.

Uninstall drivers for removed devices:

Windows loads every driver at startup, even old ones, for devices you no longer use. This can slow your computer down and cause conflicts. With Driver Easy, you can uninstall them.

Supports Windows 11, 10 and 7:

Driver Easy supports Windows 11, 10 and 7, desktop, laptop and touchscreen.

Daily updates:

Driver Easy is updated every day, with new drivers, new features and regular improvements to the user experience.

Get hardware info:

Get a quick, easy snapshot of all your computer’s internal hardware – RAM, processor, motherboard, video card, network card, motherboard and more…

Driver Easy - Changelog:

Added a “View All driver versions” feature.

Introduced relevant interfaces and interactions for the Trial version.

Optimized the “Driver update history” feature.

Improved interaction for Activation and Hardware Information interfaces.

Enhanced the version upgrade function of Driver Easy.

Implemented a click-to-copy function for error messages upon update failures.

Polished multi-language translations.

Download Driver Easy:

Size: 6.58 MB