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CPU-Z is a free, lightweight utility program for Windows that provides detailed information about your computer's hardware components and system information. It's a valuable tool for users, system administrators, and PC enthusiasts who want to gather specific details about their computer's hardware...

Below is a detailed its features:

System Information:

CPU-Z provides comprehensive information about your CPU (central processing unit), including the manufacturer, model, core speed, core voltage, and more.

It displays information about your motherboard, such as the manufacturer, model, chipset, and BIOS version.

You can view details about your computer's memory (RAM), including type, size, speed, and timings.

Information about your graphics card (GPU) is also available, including the manufacturer, model, and GPU clock speed.

Additional system information, such as your operating system, architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), and DirectX version, is displayed.

Real-Time Monitoring:

CPU-Z can provide real-time monitoring of CPU and memory usage.

It displays core utilization and clock speed in real-time, which is especially useful for overclocking enthusiasts and system performance monitoring.


CPU-Z includes basic benchmarking tools to assess the performance of your CPU and memory.

You can run benchmark tests to evaluate the performance of your system's components and compare them to other systems.

Validation and Reporting:

CPU-Z allows you to generate reports of your system's hardware information for sharing or documentation purposes.

The program also provides a validation feature, which generates a unique validation link to confirm the accuracy of your hardware information.


You can customize the appearance of CPU-Z by choosing from different themes and layouts.

Pros of Using CPU-Z:

Comprehensive Hardware Information:

CPU-Z provides in-depth information about your computer's hardware components, allowing you to identify specific details about your CPU, motherboard, memory, and more.

Real-Time Monitoring:

It offers real-time monitoring of CPU and memory performance, helping you keep an eye on your system's health and performance.

User-Friendly Interface:

CPU-Z has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and understand, even for users with limited technical knowledge.

Lightweight and Portable:

The program is lightweight and doesn't require installation, making it suitable for use on various Windows systems. You can run it from a portable USB drive.


CPU-Z's benchmarking feature allows you to assess your hardware's performance and compare it to other systems.

Validation and Reporting:

You can generate reports and validation links to share hardware information or prove the authenticity of your system's specs.

Frequent Updates:

CPU-Z is regularly updated to support the latest hardware and ensure accuracy.


CPU-Z is completely free to use, making it an accessible tool for anyone interested in monitoring their computer's hardware.

In summary, CPU-Z is a powerful and user-friendly utility for gathering detailed information about your computer's hardware. Whether you're a PC enthusiast, system administrator, or just curious about your system's specifications, CPU-Z is a valuable tool that can help you understand and monitor your hardware effectively.

CPU-Z - Changelog:

Improved support of Intel Meteor Lake and preliminary support of Arrow Lake.

AMD Hawk Point and Hawk Point 2 (Zen 4/Zen 4c).

NVIDIA RTX 4070 SUPER (AD104-350).

The benchmark can now be ran on a single coreset/cluster.

How to use CPU-Z:

Using CPU-Z is straightforward, and it provides detailed information about your computer's hardware.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use CPU-Z:

1. Download and Install:

  • Download the latest version of the tool.
  • Install CPU-Z by running the downloaded executable file.

2. Launch CPU-Z:

  • After installation, open CPU-Z by double-clicking its desktop shortcut or selecting it from the Start menu.

3. Explore the Tabs:

  • CPU-Z presents information in several tabs: "CPU," "Caches," "Mainboard," "Memory," "SPD," "Graphics," and "About."
  • Each tab provides specific details about different hardware components.

4. View CPU Information:

  • Click on the "CPU" tab to access detailed information about your processor, including its name, manufacturer, core count, clock speed, and more.

5. Check Caches:

  • The "Caches" tab displays information about your CPU's cache, such as L1, L2, and L3 cache sizes.

6. Examine Mainboard Details:

  • Click on the "Mainboard" tab to view information about your motherboard, including the manufacturer, model, chipset, and BIOS version.

7. Inspect Memory Information:

  • The "Memory" tab provides details about your system's RAM, including the type, size, speed, and the number of memory slots used.

8. Access SPD (Serial Presence Detect) Information:

  • The "SPD" tab lists information about each RAM module installed, including specifications and timings.

9. Learn About Graphics:

  • Click on the "Graphics" tab to view information about your graphics card, including the GPU model, clock speed, and driver version.

10. Run Benchmarks (Optional):

  • CPU-Z offers basic benchmarking tools. Click the "Bench" tab and choose a test (CPU or memory) to assess your hardware's performance.

11. Generate Reports (Optional):

  • You can create reports of your hardware details by clicking on the "Tools" menu and selecting "Save report as TXT" or "Save report as HTML."

12. Monitor in Real-Time (Optional):

  • CPU-Z can provide real-time monitoring of CPU and memory usage. Click on the "Tools" menu and select "CPU Load" or "Memory Load" to enable monitoring.

13. Close CPU-Z:

  • When you've gathered the information you need, simply close the CPU-Z window.

That's it! CPU-Z is a handy tool for understanding your computer's hardware specifications. Whether you're troubleshooting, overclocking, or simply curious about your system's components, CPU-Z provides valuable insights into your PC's configuration.

Download CPU-Z:

Install version:

Size: 3.42 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 3.50 MB - Download