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BootIt Bare Metal

BootIt Bare Metal is a powerful tool designed to assist computer users, enthusiasts, and professionals in managing partitions, installing and booting multiple operating systems, and performing backup and restore operations. It inherits its capabilities from its predecessor, BootIt Next Generation, and has been developed to meet the needs of modern computer users...

BootIt Bare Metal Key Features:

1. Partition Manager:

Compatible with all Windows versions (9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8, 10, Servers).
Supports x64 (AMD64/EM64T) and Windows 64-bit OS.

Supports MBR, EMBR, and GPT type partitioning.
Direct support for PATA/SATA (AHCI) drives.
Create, move, copy, delete, and undelete partitions.
Non-destructive resizing of FAT/FAT32, NTFS, and Linux Ext2/3/4 partitions.

Advanced Operations:
Create over 200 primary partitions on EMBR disks.
Convert between MBR, EMBR, and GPT type disks.
Enforce Windows 7 partition alignment standards.
Complete control over drive geometry.

Windows BCD Editing:
Directly edit the Windows BCD store to fix booting errors – no Windows DVD required!
Edit small text files on any supported partition, even those hidden from Windows.

Compatibility and Size:
Supports hard drives beyond 16 exabytes in size.
and much more…

2. Boot Manager:

Compatible with all Windows versions and x64 (AMD64/EM64T) systems.

Boot Configuration:
Boot any partition on any hard drive (up to 16), including logical volumes.
Boot multiple operating systems from a single partition.

Supports hiding/unhiding partitions.
"Swapping" of drives and partition table order for each boot item.
Automatically detects existing operating systems upon installation and adds them to the boot menu.

Use the Direct Boot Menu to boot directly into any partition, bypassing the normal boot menu.
Customize and secure the computer with user IDs and passwords.

Multi-OS Support:
Supports booting to Linux, MS-DOS, OS/2, and more…
and much more…

3. Disk Imaging:

Compatible with all Windows versions and x64 systems.
Compatible with Linux file systems.

Backup and Recovery:
Create backup images of single partitions, multiple partitions, or entire drives.
Quickly recover from drive failure, corruption, or data loss by restoring an image or extracting data from a backup.

Drive Migration:
Migrate to a new drive by restoring an image or cloning the original drive.
Optionally, expand existing partitions to utilize a larger drive.

External Drive Support:
Support for both internal and external drives, including USB 2.0, IEEE1394, and eSATA.

4. Scripting:

Includes an enhanced version of the TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite Professional.
Features the powerful TBScript engine for automation.

Scripting Capabilities:
Automate partition creation, deletion, sliding, copying, and resizing.
Automate disk image backups or restores.
Use existing .TBS scripts to prepare Windows to run on different hardware.
Access files in supported partitions.
Explore and change OS configuration files.
And so much more…

BootIt Bare Metal provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing partitions, configuring boot options, creating and restoring disk images, and automating tasks through scripting. Its compatibility with various Windows versions, support for advanced partitioning schemes, and flexibility in boot configuration make it a valuable tool for users with diverse needs in partition and system management. The inclusion of scripting capabilities further enhances its power, allowing users to automate complex tasks and configurations.

Size: 9.94 MB