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Exploring Windows Startup Programs with Autoruns: A Comprehensive Guide.
Autoruns goes beyond the basic startup management tools provided by Windows, offering a comprehensive and granular view of the entire boot process. It provides a detailed list of startup items, including applications, services, drivers, codecs, and more, giving users the ability to inspect and manage each entry...

Autoruns is a powerful system utility developed by Microsoft Sysinternals that allows users to view and manage the programs, drivers, and services that start automatically with Windows.

Autoruns is an essential tool for Windows users who want to take control of their system's startup processes. Developed by Microsoft Sysinternals, Autoruns provides an in-depth view of the programs and services that launch automatically when Windows starts. This article will delve into the detailed features of Autoruns and how users can leverage its capabilities to optimize their system's performance.

Autoruns Key Features:

Comprehensive Startup Analysis:

Autoruns scans and displays all autostart locations in the Windows registry, startup folders, and various other locations where programs can initiate during boot.

Extensive File and Location Information:

Each startup entry is accompanied by detailed information, including the file path, digital signature, version information, and the publisher, empowering users to make informed decisions about each item.

Color-Coded Entries:

Entries are color-coded to highlight different types of startup items, making it easy to identify essential system processes, third-party applications, and potentially malicious entries.

Integrated Search and Filter Options:

Autoruns offers powerful search and filter capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate specific entries or filter results based on criteria such as signed Microsoft entries, hide signed Microsoft entries, and more.

Online Search Integration:

Users can leverage Autoruns to search for information about suspicious entries on online databases, helping them determine the legitimacy and potential risks associated with each startup item.

Scheduled Tasks and Explorer Add-ons:

In addition to traditional startup items, Autoruns also provides insight into scheduled tasks and Explorer shell extensions, giving users a holistic view of processes that may impact system performance.

Easy Disabling and Enabling:

Autoruns allows users to disable or enable individual startup entries with a simple right-click, providing a non-destructive way to experiment with system configurations.

Export and Save Configuration:

Users can save the current Autoruns configuration to a file for future reference or analysis, making it a valuable tool for troubleshooting and system optimization.


Autoruns is an indispensable tool for Windows users seeking to understand and manage the programs that launch during system startup. Its comprehensive features, detailed information, and user-friendly interface make it an essential utility for both novice and advanced users alike. By leveraging Autoruns, users can enhance their system's performance, troubleshoot startup issues, and maintain better control over their Windows environment.

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