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AllDup is a powerful and free duplicate file finder tool designed for Windows users. It offers an efficient solution to identify and remove duplicate files from your computer, enhancing system organization, performance, and storage management. With its intuitive user interface and a wide range of features, AllDup simplifies the task of finding and managing duplicate files of various types...

AllDup features:

Versatile File Type Detection:

AllDup can detect duplicates of any file type, including text, pictures, music, and movies, making it a versatile solution for comprehensive duplicate file management.

Customizable Exclusion:

You can exclude specific files or entire folders from the search based on masks or size conditions, allowing for tailored search criteria.

Specialized Duplicate Searches:

AllDup includes specialized searches for digital photos, music, and video files, making it easy to target specific types of duplicates.

Precise Duplicate Criteria:

Users can search for duplicates based on a combination of criteria, including file content, file name, file extension, file dates, and file attributes, ensuring precise duplicate identification.

Efficient Duplicate Handling:

Unneeded duplicates can be permanently deleted or copied/moved to a designated folder, optimizing file organization and saving storage space.

Non-Duplicate File Listing:

Generate a list of non-duplicate files to view unique files within the selected directories.

Detailed Logging:

AllDup maintains a comprehensive log file, recording all actions taken during the search and removal process for reference and auditing.

File Similarity Analysis:

Identify files with similar names, audio lengths, or contents, aiding in recognizing potential duplicates based on similarity.

Search Inside Archives:

The tool can search within various archive file formats, extending the search to files within compressed archives.

Safety Measures:

Files marked for deletion can be moved to the Recycle Bin or a separate backup folder for added safety, reducing the risk of accidental permanent deletion.

Preview and Analysis:

AllDup features a built-in file viewer that allows users to preview different file formats and analyze file content before deciding on actions to take.

Wide Search Scope:

The software can search through an unlimited number of files and folders across various drives, media storages, CDs, DVDs, etc., offering a broad search scope.

Efficient File Handling:

AllDup can create shortcuts or hard links to the last original file, streamlining file management and reducing redundancy.

Export and Reporting:

Users can export the search results to text, CSV, or Excel files, providing a convenient way to generate reports and analyze the duplicates found.

Automatic Selection Commands: The software offers many flexible commands that help users automatically select unnecessary duplicates, enhancing efficiency in duplicate management.

Meta Data Handling:

AllDup allows users to ignore specific meta data, such as ID3 tags in MP3 files or EXIF data in JPEG and CR2 files during the search process.

Here are the advantages of using AllDup:

Enhanced System Performance:

AllDup improves system performance by reducing data redundancy and optimizing file organization, leading to faster file access times.

Space Optimization:

By removing duplicate files, AllDup helps you reclaim valuable storage space on your computer, making room for new data and applications.

Streamlined Organization:

It simplifies file management, leading to a more organized and structured file system, ensuring easy access to essential files.

Time Savings:

AllDup automates the duplicate file identification process, saving you time that would otherwise be spent manually searching for duplicates.


Being a free tool, AllDup offers a cost-effective solution for managing and optimizing your file system without any additional expenses.

Data Integrity:

Minimizing data redundancy ensures data integrity, preventing confusion caused by multiple copies of the same file.

Comprehensive Reporting:

The ability to export search results allows for in-depth analysis and reporting, aiding in decision-making and documentation.

User-Friendly Interface:

AllDup's intuitive interface makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced users, ensuring ease of use.

In summary, AllDup is a comprehensive and user-friendly free duplicate file finder tool with a wide range of features that enable precise duplicate identification and efficient file management. Its distinct advantages include improved system performance, space optimization, streamlined organization, time savings, cost-efficiency, data integrity, comprehensive reporting, and a user-friendly interface, making it an indispensable tool for Windows users seeking to manage and optimize their file systems.

AllDup - Changelog:

New: Search method 'Find Similar File Names': Added comparison method 'Ignore characters at the beginning of a file name'.

Updated: The Portuguese translation of the user interface has been updated.

Updated: The French translation of the user interface has been updated.

Updated: The Dutch translation of the user interface has been updated.

Updated: The Polish translation of the user interface has been updated.

Updated: The UI rendering component has been updated.

Updated: The external component for unpacking RAR files has been updated.

Updated: The external component '7-Zip' for unpacking archive files has been updated.

Updated: The external component for the plug-in 'Media Info Viewer' has been updated.

Fixed: Various optimizations have been introduced in various sections of AllDup.

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