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Yawcam, short for "Yet Another Webcam," is a free and open-source software program that turns your webcam into a versatile tool for capturing, recording, and streaming your computer's screen or connected camera...

Yawcam Key Features:


Record videos from your webcam or screen.

Capture still images at adjustable quality and file formats.

Set up automatic capture at scheduled intervals or based on motion detection.


Stream your webcam or screen to popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, or Twitch.

Adjust streaming parameters like resolution, bitrate, and audio settings.

Overlay text, images, or web pages on your streamed content.

Effects and Enhancements:

Apply a wide range of visual effects, filters, and transitions to your recordings and streams.

Adjust webcam settings like brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Add virtual backgrounds to replace your actual background during streams.

Security and Privacy:

Password-protect your webcam feed and recordings.

Set motion detection to trigger alerts or actions like email notifications.

Schedule automatic recordings or streaming sessions.

Additional Features:

Integrate with other software like Skype or OBS Studio.

Create time-lapse videos from captured images.

Use a remote control app to manage Yawcam from your phone.

Detailed Feature Breakdown:


Video recording formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, and more.

Image capture formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and more.

Scheduled capture: Set specific times or intervals for automatic recording.

Motion detection: Capture when movement is detected, ideal for security or wildlife monitoring.


Supported platforms: YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, RTMP servers, and more.

Resolution and bitrate settings: Optimize streaming quality for different bandwidths.

Audio configuration: Choose sound sources, adjust volume, and apply effects.

Overlays: Add text, images, or web pages to your stream for branding or information.

Effects and Enhancements:

Visual effects: Black and white, sepia, fisheye, mirror, mosaic, and many more.

Filters: Enhance colors, sharpen details, or adjust skin tones.

Transitions: Smooth fade-in/fade-out or other effects between scenes.

Webcam settings: Fine-tune brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and white balance.

Virtual backgrounds: Replace your actual background with a custom image or video.

Security and Privacy:

Password protection: Restrict access to your webcam and recordings.

Motion detection alerts: Get notified when movement is detected.

Scheduled recording/streaming: Capture footage only when needed.

Additional Features:

Remote control app: Manage Yawcam from your phone or tablet.

Time-lapse videos: Create compressed videos from captured images at variable intervals.

Integration with other software: Enhance functionality with Skype, OBS Studio, and more.

Overall, Yawcam offers a comprehensive set of features for capturing, recording, and streaming webcam or screen content, making it a versatile tool for users of all levels. Its flexibility, ease of use, and free availability make it a popular choice for personal and professional applications.


Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or later.

DirectX 9 or later.

Windows Media Player 9 or later.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

The installation file will tell you if you are missing something!

Yawcam - ChangeLog:

Added a max darkness filter for motion detector.

Fixed "What's my URL?" by using local page instead of online page.

Fixed outdated TLS ciphers used when sending email.

Removed version number from language file name.

Updated language files. (Danish, Italian and Czech)

Size: 5.07 MB