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Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight and user-friendly utility that scans your wireless network and displays a list of all the devices currently connected to it. It can help you identify unauthorized or unknown devices on your network, monitor the network activity, and keep track of the devices that come and go. This tool is particularly useful for home users and network administrators who want to maintain the security and efficiency of their wireless networks...

Wireless Network Watcher Features:

Device Identification:

Wireless Network Watcher scans your wireless network, creating a list of all devices currently connected to it. This list includes computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, and other network-connected devices.

Device Information:

For each connected device, the tool offers a wealth of information, including:

IP address:

The unique identifier assigned to each device on your network.

MAC address:

The physical address of the device's network card, allowing identification.

Network card manufacturer:

The company that manufactured the network card.

Optionally, the computer name:

If available, you can see the name of the connected device.

Export Options:

Wireless Network Watcher enables you to export the list of connected devices in various formats, such as HTML, XML, CSV, or plain text. This feature is handy for creating reports and analyzing network data.

Clipboard Copy:

You can easily copy the list of connected devices to the clipboard, allowing for seamless data transfer to applications like Excel or other spreadsheet software.

No Installation Required:

This tool doesn't require installation or the addition of DLL files. Simply extract the executable file (WNetWatcher.exe) from the ZIP archive and run it.

Shortcut Creation:

If desired, you can download WNetWatcher with full install/uninstall support (wnetwatcher_setup.exe), which automatically adds a shortcut to your start menu for easy access.

Network Scanning:

After launching WNetWatcher, it automatically detects your wireless adapter and initiates the network scan. Within a few seconds, you can view the list of devices currently connected to your network.

Advanced Options:

If the automatic network detection process fails, you have the option to manually select the correct network adapter by pressing F9 and accessing the 'Advanced Options.'

Customized Display:

The tool offers a 'Black Background' option under the View menu, allowing you to change the display to a black background with white text, which can be easier on the eyes in low-light conditions.

Database Updates:

Wireless Network Watcher frequently updates its internal MAC addresses database, ensuring accuracy and comprehensive device identification.

Additional Features:

Custom IP Range Scanning:

Users can specify specific IP address ranges to narrow down the scan focus.

Scan for Disconnected Devices:

It can be used to scan for devices that are not currently connected to your network, providing historical data.

Scan for Broadcasting Devices:

The tool is capable of scanning for devices that are actively broadcasting their wireless network name (SSID).

Scan by Security Protocol:

Users can specify scanning for devices that are using a specific wireless security protocol (e.g., WEP, WPA).

Scan by Wireless Channel:

It can also scan for devices that are using a specific wireless channel, aiding network optimization.

Wireless Network Watcher offers several benefits, including:

Enhanced network security:

Identify and manage authorized devices.

Network traffic monitoring:

Understand network usage and performance.

Troubleshooting network problems:

Quickly identify connected devices.

Data management:

Save, export, and copy device lists for analysis and documentation.

Wireless Network Watcher is suitable for a wide range of users and scenarios:

Home users can ensure the security of their home networks by identifying unauthorized devices.

Small businesses can monitor and manage their wireless networks, detecting unauthorized devices and resolving network issues.

Network administrators in larger enterprises use it to monitor and manage their enterprise wireless networks efficiently.

Overall, Wireless Network Watcher is a versatile, free, and portable tool that simplifies the task of monitoring and managing devices on wireless networks, making it a valuable addition for both individuals and network administrators.

Wireless Network Watcher - changelog:

Added 'Scan IPv6 Addresses' option. You can turn it off if you don't need the IPv6 Addresses information.

Install version:

Size: 498.82 KB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 430.32 KB - Download