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Whitehat VPN

Whitehat VPN is designed to keep your internet world safe and private, prevent your ISP and government from spying on you and the wbsites you visit from identifying and tracking you, it aims to provide a free and open internet world for all...

Advantages Of Whitehat VPN:
It has the same features as a paid VPN but it is free. it doesn't even need your email address and credit card to use it.

Network protection:
cookie tracer will be block and there will be no trace when you browse the internet,your Real IP address is hidden, your network is under protected from network attack.

You have control:
You have absolute control, including opting out of the exchange at any time, when to use the web from your device, and to choose what you are allowed to use and which websites you can access.

Data Security:
Whitehat VPN uses the latest encryption technology to protect your data traffic from spying. It also does not track or store logs of your browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries, ensuring that no one can access your data and information.

Privacy Security:
Whitehat VPN does not require any of your personal data, nor does it require a credit card or email address, and it strictly comply with all relevant data protection legal requirements.

Support multiple platforms:
Whitehat VPN supports multiple devices and does not limit the number of devices you can use, no matter it is mobile, tablet, or computer.

Free to use:
No email address or account needed.
2000 Mbps average.
Support 100+ countries/regions.
Support multiple platforms.
No limit on the number of devices use.

Easy To Use:
For your privacy and security, it does not track or store logs of your browsing history traffic destinations, data content or DNS queries.
Download, Install, Enable VPN and Use.

Size: 55.76 MB