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Urban VPN

Urban VPN is a trusted and free VPN service offering a browser extension for quick activation with unlimited bandwidth. With over 80 global locations, it masks your IP, ensuring privacy, and emphasizes no data collection, securing against third-party tracking. The service prioritizes device security, protects against harmful ads, malware, and provides encryption with DNS/IPv6 leak protection...

Optimized for fast connections, it allows users to connect from 21 countries with unlimited servers, offering a secure and anonymous online experience.

Urban VPN Features:

VPN Browser Extension:

Urban VPN offers a browser extension for quick and easy activation, providing users with a seamless way to secure their internet connection.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Users of Urban VPN can enjoy unlimited bandwidth, ensuring that they can use the VPN without worrying about data restrictions for both uploads and downloads.

Device Security:

Urban VPN helps protect your device activities, keeping them safe and private. This includes safeguarding your device from harmful ads and potential malware, especially when using public Wi-Fi connections.

IP Masking and International Locations:

Urban VPN masks your IP address and allows you to choose from a growing pool of international locations around the globe. This feature helps enhance privacy and enables access to content restricted by geographical location.

No Data Collection:

Urban VPN emphasizes a commitment to privacy by stating that it does not store, collect, or process any personal data from users. This ensures that user information is not at risk of being misused.

Browsing Anonymity:

The VPN extension ensures that third parties cannot track your browsing activity. Urban VPN claims not to sell tracked data to third parties, contributing to a more secure and private online experience.

Encryption & DNS / IPv6 Leak Protection:

Urban VPN protects your data, identity, and internet connection through encryption. Additionally, it includes DNS and IPv6 leak protection, further securing your online activities.

Optimized for Fast Connections:

The VPN service is optimized for fast connections, utilizing a vast network of servers located in data centers around the world. This helps ensure quick and reliable VPN performance.

Support for Over 80 VPN Locations:

Urban VPN supports over 80 different VPN locations globally, allowing users to choose from cities and countries. This extensive server network provides flexibility and options for users seeking specific server locations.

21 Countries with Unlimited Servers:

Users can connect from anywhere in the world, choosing from 21 countries with unlimited servers and locations.

Urban VPN excels in providing secure online experiences through features like device security, encryption, and DNS/IPv6 leak protection. Optimized for speed, users can connect from 21 countries with unlimited servers, contributing to a seamless and anonymous online presence.

Size: 30.06 MB