TrustViewer screenshot

TrustViewer is a complete solution for remote access and users support via the Internet.
Just download the full version of TrustViewer, which is only 2 MB in size, and immediately get to work, without installation and registration, without limitations, for free for home and commercial use...

Quick start:

Download the full version of TrustViewer, run it (enough minimal user rights) and immediately start working, without the need for installation and additional configuration.

Free forever:

TrustViewer is completely free software, without registration and without restrictions, both for home and for commercial use!

Easy connection:

To connect to a remote computer - it is enough to specify a unique twelve-digit ID for each session, and the connection will be immediately established, without problems with NAT or Proxy.


Control the desktop of the remote computer, exchange files, make voice and video calls, or just chat, and all in one convenient application.

Complete anonymity:

TrustViewer does not require authorization or input of other personal data, and our servers do not store an IP address or other information identifying your computer.

Absolute safety:

Do not worry about the safety of your computer, because due to architectural features, TrustViewer is not able in principle to provide unauthorized access to it.

Your own server:

The computers of participants in priority directly connected, forming a protected p2p-tunnel based on modern cryptoprotocols. Internet servers are used only for coordination, as well as in cases when direct connection is impossible. However, you can install on your server a free dedicated proxy server "TrustServer", and get 100% - independence and control over traffic, incl. in private networks without access to the Internet.

Integration into your own products:

You can easily integrate TrustViewer client into your own products and solutions, including commercial, without violating the terms of the license agreement. And due to compatibility with the TrustViewerPro software product, you can not only customize the design of the program in a corporate style, but also display your own advertising materials on remote computers instead of a standard banner.

TrustViewer - Changelog:

Correction of errors and shortcomings.

Size: 2.30 MB