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Network Drive Control

Network Drive Control is a robust and user-friendly software utility designed to simplify the management of network drives on Windows operating systems. It empowers users to automate the mapping and disconnection of network drives based on their network connections, offering a seamless and customizable experience for individuals who frequently switch between different environments...

Network Drive Control Key Features:

Automatic Drive Mapping:
Configure automatic mapping of network drives during logon, depending on the specific network(s) to which the computer is connected. This feature enables users to have tailored drive mappings for different locations such as home, work, or school.

Profile-Based Mapping:
Create and manage profiles that define unique network drive mappings for various network environments. This functionality is particularly useful for mobile users who traverse different networks and need specific resources available at each location.

Unlimited Configurations:
Network Drive Control imposes no arbitrary limits on the number of networks or drive configurations, except for those inherent in Windows. Users have the flexibility to set up as many network drive mappings as needed.

Redundant Drive Letters:
Support for redundant drive letters allows users to map different resources to the same drive letter on distinct networks. For example, mapping resource X to drive letter X on one network and a different resource X to the same drive letter X on another network.

Windows Compatibility:
Utilizes built-in Windows features from Windows Vista through 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 11, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of Windows operating systems.

Drive Mapping Protocols:
Supports various drive mapping protocols, including Server Message Block (SMB), Common Internet File System (CIFS), Netbios, and WebDAV. It also allows mapping local directories to drive letters for added flexibility.

FTP Limitations:
Acknowledges the Windows limitation of not natively supporting drive mapping to a drive letter via FTP. While Network Drive Control does not support this, it highlights the existence of commercial products with custom drivers that can achieve FTP drive mapping.

Free and Signed Binaries:
Network Drive Control is freely available for users and includes a built-in help function. All binaries, including the installer, are signed, providing a secure and trustworthy experience for users.

In summary, Network Drive Control is a versatile and free tool that streamlines the management of network drives on Windows systems. Its extensive feature set allows users to automate drive mappings based on their network connections, providing a tailored and efficient experience in diverse computing environments.

Network Drive Control - Changelog:

Fixed bug where a code info box used during debugging was still active and could be displayed.

Updated help file.

Removed VM detection. Seems to cause issues on some machines. No one as said it's useful. (User reported issue.)

Fixed minor bug in the passing of parameters when connecting via WebDAV under some circumstances. (User reported bug.)

Updated help file. Expanded the WebDAV help with the suggestion that if folks have trouble with WebDAV it helps to try the connection using the Net Use command as then you explicitly get the resulting error codes without having to deal with NDC's log files.

Fixed minor bug when refreshing where WebDAV mapped connections did not display consistently.

Size: 1.78 MB