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MyHotspot is a professional Wireless LAN software solution for providing internet access to your customers. Customers will be redirected to your login page to authenticate with user account or a prepaid-code before getting the Internet access...

The PayPal payment option allows your customers to create and pay for network access directly. The software controls download, upload, data transfer, time usage, visited pages. MyHotSpot Billing software runs on your Windows PC, controls unlimited user or prepaid-code accounts, and displays data to customers on your self-branded pages.
MyHotspot billing software is the definitive tool for managing your public WIFI-HotSpot in internet cafes, shools, hotels, bistros or gaming cafe / game center.

MyHotSpot is a freeware program, and can be fully used.

A hotspot is any location where Wi-Fi Internet access (sometimes for free) is made publicly available. You can often find hotspots in some public areas,coffee shops, and restaurants.

New Features:
PayPal - payment by credit card, User accounts, Prepaid-Codes, Free web sites, Port and service filter, Firewall, Blocking of file sharing, URL-log files, SMS Authentication, Bandwidth Manager, Dynamic bandwidth allocation, Flat rates, DHCP and NAT, Bridging Mode, Adblocker, Multi Login, Multi Update and Free Access via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Access password, Accepting "T&Cs".

100% profit.
No ongoing leasing.
No special hardware.
Data preservation.
Windows software.

Login with Username/Password, Login with Prepaid-Codes, Simple and scaled prices, Traffic rate and SMS Authentication.

Customizable Design/Layout, Daily data backup, Cafeteria management, Register system with receipt printer, Staff management and Staff access rights.

Cash report, Turnovers statistic, Sessions statistic, Staff statistic and User statistic.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Server/Vista/7/8/10/11.
Windows 32/64bit.
Screen resolution of 800x600.

Size: 12.88 MB


MyHotspot manual - Download