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ManageWirelessNetworks is an alternative tool to the standard 'Manage Wireless Networks' of Windows (or 'Manage Known Networks' on Windows 10). It displays extensive information about every wireless profile on your system, even if the network adapter is not active. For every wireless profile, the following information is displayed: Profile Name, SSID, Connection Type, Connection Mode, Authentication, Encryption, Key Type, Auto Switch (Yes/No), Non Broadcast (Yes/No), Profile Position, Created Time, Modified Time, Wireless Key, and more...

ManageWirelessNetworks also allows you to edit a single profile with the standard editor of Windows, edit the XML of the wireless profile (For advanced users only !), quickly switch between manual and automatic mode, quickly switch between WPAPSK/WPA2PSK/AES/TKIP modes, rename the profile, rename the SSID, move profile position up and down, copy multiple wireless profiles to another wireless card on your system, and more...

Start Using ManageWirelessNetworks:

ManageWirelessNetworks doesn't require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - ManageWirelessNetworks.exe

Export wireless profiles list:

In order to export the wireless profiles list into a file, simply select one or more files in the main window (or press Ctrl+A to select all items), press Ctrl+S (Save Selected Items) and then in the save dialog-box choose the type of file to export.

Copy wireless profiles to another wireless network adapter:

If you have a new wireless network adapter and you want to connect the same wireless networks that you used with another network adapter, simply select the profiles you want to use with the new adapter, choose the 'Copy Profiles To Another Network Interface' option from the File menu, select your new wireless adapter.

Rename SSID:

If you changed the name of your wireless network (SSID), you can easily update the new SSID by using the 'Rename SSID' option.

Edit Wireless Profile:

The 'Edit Wireless Profile' option allows you the change the settings of existing wireless profile, using the standard wireless profile editor of Windows operating system.

Delete wireless profiles:

ManageWirelessNetworks allows you to delete one or more wireless profiles on your system, by using the 'Delete Selected Profiles' option (Ctrl+Delete).

Duplicate Profile:

If you want to duplicate an existing wireless profile on the same wireless network adapter, simply select the desired profile, choose 'Duplicate Profile' from the menu, type the name of the new duplicated profile and then ManageWirelessNetworks will create a new profile.

Set connection mode for multiple profiles:

ManageWirelessNetworks allows you to quickly choose the wireless profiles that Windows will try to connect automatically.

View Wireless Keys:

If you want the view the wireless key of your wireless profiles, go to the Options menu and turn on the 'Show Wireless Keys' options.

ManageWirelessNetworks - Changelog:

Added 'Set Connection Mode' toolbar dropdown.

Download ManageWirelessNetworks:

Size: 76.67 KB