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IP Changer

IP Changer is an efficient tool that allows users to quickly modify their IP address and manage network settings for various types of connections, including local, virtual, wireless, and Bluetooth adapters. The application is particularly useful for those who need to frequently switch between different network configurations. By providing a centralized interface to manage TCP/IP settings, IP Changer eliminates the need to navigate through complex system settings in Windows.

IP Changer is a free software designed to help users easily configure their IP address and manage other network settings for all connected adapters. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual or someone looking for a straightforward way to handle network configurations, IP Changer offers a user-friendly solution. 

Full Detailed Features:

Comprehensive Network Adapter Management:

Configures IP addresses for all connected network adapters.
Supports local connections, virtual connections, wireless adapters, and Bluetooth connections.
Ensures network cable is plugged in before use for optimal performance.

Single-Window Interface:

Displays essential network information: current IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS address.
Allows users to disable and re-enable network adapters with a single click.

TCP/IP Protocol Management:

Facilitates communication in a network by managing TCP/IP settings.
Suitable for users with basic network knowledge to advanced users.

Manual and Automatic IP Configuration:

Allows manual IP address configuration for advanced users.
Supports Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for automatic IP address assignment.
Custom TCP/IP profiles can be specified for selected adapters, including primary IP address, subnet, port number, and DNS settings.

Enhanced Usability:

Simplifies the process of modifying network configurations without navigating through Windows Settings.
Ideal for users who need to quickly change IP address settings.

Network Profile Management:

Saves and switches between multiple network profiles easily.
Customizes network settings for different environments and use cases.

Security and Control:

Provides control over network adapter settings to ensure secure connections.
Helps manage and troubleshoot network issues effectively.

Compatibility and Performance:

Compatible with Windows operating systems.
Ensures minimal impact on system performance while managing network settings.

IP Changer is a versatile tool for managing network configurations, suitable for both basic and advanced users. Its ability to quickly and easily modify IP address settings makes it an invaluable tool for those who need to switch between different network environments. Whether you're configuring settings manually or relying on DHCP for automatic IP assignment, IP Changer provides a robust and user-friendly solution to meet your networking needs.

IP Changer - Changelog:

UI refresh.

New Dark theme option.

New option to to remove auto update.


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